Monday, March 18, 2013


That's right, folks. Now I know some of you are asking why ONE guy would want TWO AK-47s. 
Well, before you liberal anti-gun weenies out there  pee your drawers in fright, I'm not gonna do it today.  I'm waiting for Diane Feinstein's idiot (and unconstitutional) "assault weapons ban" to die the unseemly, disgraceful death it deserves. Starting to see my point?
Back in the summer of 2008 (and even after Obama was elected) I could pick up a Romanian WASR AK-47 variant for about six hundred fifty bucks. Norinco (Chi-com) variants could be had for between $750 and $850.
But pretty soon, prices began edging up. Every time some whack-a-doodle took advantage of a "gun-free zone" to supply himself with defenseless victims, the Brady Bunch revved up their propaganda machine. Prices skyrocketed, and supplies dwindled. Then came the Sandy Hook shooting, and the market went absolutely NUTS. The same WASR I bought for six large was selling for two and a half GRAND. That's two THOUSAND five hundred semoleons for a weapon that cost six hundred dollars just five years ago.
I was kicking myself in the ass for not having bought a second weapon at the same time. I could have sold the other one last week and taken a very nice vacation. (I could have sold the one I have now, but then what would I do if the shit hit the fan?) 
I've done that sort of thing before. Once, when D.C. was doing one of those idiot "gun buyback" things, I found out they were accepting BB and pellet guns, too. At a hundred bucks a pop. So I went and bought ten Crosman pellet pistols for $29 each and turned $290 into a thousand bucks in the course of about six hours. Stupid fuckers.
You might wonder why everybody is so into AKs. Well, it's really very simple. Mikhail Kalashnikov designed the weapon so that it could be fired even after being grossly abused and neglected. AKs have been allowed to rust shut, and after kicking the bolt open and inserting a loaded magazine the damn thing put lead downrange flawlessly. Kalashnikov said that he designed it so that it would fire even after a handful of sand had been poured into the ejection port. Try that with an AR-15 type weapon.
The secret is large tolerances between the moving parts. Remember in the movie "Heartbreak Hill" how Clint Eastwood fired an AK-47 and spoke of its "distinctive sound when fired"? That "chatter" is due to the looseness of the rifle's mechanism.
Anyway, pretty soon - starting with the Feinstein garbage bill going down in flames - prices on AKs (and ARs, etc) will plunge. It will probably have to wait until the 2014 mid-terms for AKs and ARs to get back down to realistic prices - I mean, If I could just hop a jet to Yemen I could pick one up in some village for under $200 RIGHT NOW, and a full auto select-fire model at that - I'm gonna get a second one. 
One to sell between the next time the gun grabbers try their crap again, so I can buy it back when that effort fails.
And one to keep in case it doesn't. If Obama winds up getting impeached, you may well be treated to numerous examples of why one might "need" a thirty-round magazine. 

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