Thursday, March 7, 2013


Okay, look you RNC "Establishment" types, I've been watching you guys for a while. And I've noticed a pattern. When some Democrat pundit or operative remarks that if "the Republicans expect to win, they are going to have to (insert the thing the Democrats want the Republicans to do so the Republicans WILL NOT WIN ) or risk alienating (insert name of "minority" "etnic group" etc.) and losing the election"; the leadership of the Republican Party begins doing exactly that.
Why the HELL do you think that the Democrat party is trying to give you ADVICE??  News flash, you idiots: Obama and the Democrat Party are trying to GET RID OF YOU! When they say these sort of things, it's like they are telling you to back up a bit more to get more of the scenery in the picture, and you keep backing up. They're hoping you'll step back into the FUCKING GRAND CANYON YOU FOOLS!
Look at what you old Establishment types are trying to do to the TEA party. You are aiding and abetting the Democrats who fear the TEA party. You have purged almost all the important committees of TEA party people. Well, we aren't going anywhere.  Did you perhaps notice Senator Rand Paul's 11-hour filibuster yesterday? That filibuster was discussed like nobody's business on Twitter and other "social network media". And all indicators say that Rand Paul got the message across to the 18-34 voting demographic, loud and clear.
And consider that the 3.000 McCain voters who could have gotten Obama out of the White House had they not stayed home on Election Day are mostly "Ron Paulistas".  Rand is the son of Ron, and he will attract a lot of his pop's fans.
More importantly, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mario Rubio and others are becoming the very public faces of the movement that, if played right, will leave Obama facing veto-proof majorities in both houses plus a cloture-proof majority in the Senate come November 2014.
Meanwhile, the Democrats act like a burglar who advises his victim that if he doesn't leave his house unlocked his neighbors will think that he mistrusts them and will be offended. And the Republicans are acting like the idiot homeowner who follows the burglar's advice and is shocked to wake up the next morning to find all his stuff gone. And then wonders why his neighbors think he's an idiot.
Don't listen to the Democrat burglars. Listen to Rand and Ted and Mario. Vote Republican in November 2014, impeach Obama January 2015.  

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