Friday, March 29, 2013


Gracious, folks. This publication is really taking off! Although I must say that my readers in Iraq are probably relatives of some people on the "Dayton Memories" blog on the Dayton History Books Online site, serving in American military units in that nation. Thanks for your service to our country, guys.
And the UAE, Taiwan and Ukraine, I hope you all enjoy seeing how we here in the United States are totally free to tell our own government that they are a pack of (CENSORED).
No man is truly free until he feels completely free to drag his own nation's flag in the mud while declaring the most powerful man in his government to be a worthless jackass totally unfit for the office. This happens every day in these United States. And although I am enraged by the disrespect to the Flag, still only here in the USA do you have that kind of freedom. I and every other American argue and debate, openly and without fear.
Red Chinese dictator Mao Tse-tung said that "political power grows from the barrel of the gun". That's the reason there is this huge debate over firearms here. If the common people hold the political power, then they must be armed. If you would be free, then you must speak freely and be prepared to fight for that freedom if need be.
Look to our United States Constitution. Note how carefully it was crafted, how it limits the powers of the government and protects common citizens from abuses by their chosen leaders. Imagine your own nation governed by that document. It is the very charter of freedom.
One of the purposes of this publication is to perpetuate the Revolution that began in 1775, when armed citizens resisted a British attempt to confiscate the weapons held by the People. One year and two months later, in July of 1776, these United States formally declared independence.
Years of hard-fought and bloody war ensued. But the end result was this unique nation, where I can say whatever I damn well please and do as I like.
And the "shot heard 'round the world", fired at Concord Bridge in April of 1775, continues to echo. The American Revolution will never be truly complete until every nation on the globe is as free as are we in the United States of America.  Only tyrants and dictators need fear a free people. And fear them they do.
A free press and an armed citizenry are the foundations of liberty and freedom. Tell your leaders to put that in their pipe and smoke it. Thank you for reading the Alexandria Daily Poop.

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