Thursday, March 28, 2013


We are pleased to notice that we have picked up at least one new viewer in Vietnam. We just wonder if it is a member of the Intelligence Service, attracted by the article on "undecipherable Enigma". 
If you are indeed a member of the Vietnamese government, we would like to inform you that we know a number of Vietnamese expatriates right here in the USA. It's amazing what your people are capable of when they are free, which - although we understand Vietnam is quite a bit more liberal these days - they are not. But keep sending them over here, so that they can contribute to America. You communists might just have a world power if only your people could speak, act, and do business as they please.
The acid test, where we are concerned, is: do the people have the right to keep and bear arms? Crime? In this country, those parts that say "no guns" have more crime than those - like here in Virginia - where it is completely legal to carry a loaded firearm in public in plain sight and one does not have to ask permission from the government to do so.
But not only that, to be free the people must be able to criticize the government without fear of retribution. We do it every day in this blog (and down at the pub on the corner and everywhere else).
In fact, the reason we think it is the Vietnamese government reading this (and we have a lot of hits from Red China, too) is that you guys heavily restrict and monitor internet traffic in your country (as does China). We'll really know what's up if we get a hit from North Korea.
So loosen it up, you guys. We'd love it if one of your common people started putting out a blog just like this one. Peace out, commies. 

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