Saturday, March 30, 2013


A few days ago I was waiting for a bus, when my ears were assaulted by two young ladies  loudly advertising for that venerable American institution, "Girl Scout Cookies". 
Basically, the first one would yell: "What do I want?" and the other would respond: "Girl Scout Cookies!". Then the first would yell, "What do I neeeeed?" and the other would respond: "Girl Scout Cookies!".  Then the two of them would alternate, with the first youngster shouting "Girl Scout! Girl Scout!" and the other responding: "Cookies! Cookies!". Over and over again.
Ten minutes became as ten hours as I suffered from this assault. Oh, I do like Girl Scout Cookies (Samoans are my fave). But these two kids, whom I estimate to have been about 11 or 12, WERE NOT IN UNIFORM.
No, they were dressed in dungarees, T-shirts decorated with pop-culture logos, and were shod in the kind of boots worn by tweener Justin Bieber fans. Am I missing something here? Since when did the Girl Scouts have a plainclothes division?
How can I be assured that you are indeed representing the Girl Scouts? Indeed, how can I be assured that you even CARE that you are Girl Scouts?
So, sorry kids, I'd hve loved to buy a box of Samoans. But the next time you do your cheerleading routine, DO IT IN UNIFORM.
You'd be a lot more compelling.

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