Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I must be an idiot, seeing as how last year I put my first Kindle novel "The Peterson Investigation" out as a promo for free. Almost two thousand people got it for free (and a couple hundred paid for it, too; but anyway...)
However, it's Christmas after all. So on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of this month I am putting my latest opus "Georgetown in Plainclothes" on a FREE promotional offer.
"Georgetown in Plainclothes" is a "prequel" to "The Peterson Investigation".  It is set in 1977 and features the main character of "The Peterson Investigation"; John Philip "J.P." Waterman as a 25 year old newly minted Detective Candidate working with the plainclothes contingent of the Second Police District of the Metropolitan Police, Washington, D.C.. 
Ironically, his first arrest as a member of that unit comes when he is assigned to work marked-unit traffic patrol during the 1977 Hanafi Moslem siege of D.C.. He and his partner make a traffic stop that explodes into an investigation involving everything from a scraggly street bum to Dr. Henry Kissinger and from juvenile shennanigans to affairs involving the Central Intelligence Agency and the Shah of Iran's SAVAK secret police.  It's good.
Only downside is that it turns out that if you want to write a review you have to buy it for cash. But folks I know who have read "Georgetown in Plainclothes" are blown away by it, and I can tell whether they are just "trying to be nice". Most of them aren't, they actually like the story.
Of course I like paid sales. But since I can't buy the world a Coke and keep it company, at least I can give it a good story (I hope).

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