Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Robert Bork, the man nominated to the Supreme Court by ROnald Reagan and subsequently rejected by the United States Senate, died today.

Bork is best remembered for the rejection of his Supreme Court nomination by a process of smears, lies, and exaggerations and misrepresentations that became known as "Borking".  Although Bork was - in our view - a bit too willing to give the State the benefit of a doubt over the individual, the campaign to torpedo his nomination was a disgusting cascade of slander.

The original "Borking" was led off by Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass) who said that Bork would take the nation back to "segregated lunch counters" and allow "rogue police" to kick in the doors of citizens on a whim; among other things.  Since these accusations were made from the Senate floor,  Kennedy and his fellows could not be held to account elsewhere for them.
Bork's rejection was widely celebrated and became the standard battle plan for the Statists who have hijacked the Democrat Party. Anthony Kennedy was nominated after Bork's rejection, and unanimously accepted by the Senate. 
Here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, we believe in God and we know that He indeed works in mysterious ways. Because for two months and four days shy of a quarter century, the Statist Left  has been congratulating themselves over their success in ridding themselves of Robert Heron Bork.
Today, that celebration has exploded in their faces like an El Explodo cigar. Because had Bork assumed the seat held by Kennedy, today Obama would be in a position to nominate a fifth ultra-liberal Left Justice. And while we offer sympathy to Robert Bork's loved ones in their loss, we bid them and all - especially his enemies and most especially the Statist Lefties whose wet dream for decades has been taking over the Supreme Court - to remember that God has called Robert Heron Bork to his rest and reward to show everyone exactly who is in charge.
They who dissed and denied God during the Democrat Convention have just been given a sign by the Almighty whom they deny and decry. How's it feel, knowing God Himself just flipped you the bird, you Leftist clowns?

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