Saturday, December 22, 2012


And the sleigh if being pulled by a donkey and not an elephant. On Thursday the House voted down a "compromise" that would have raised taxes on persons making more than four hundred thousand dollars per year, with no meaningful reduction in spending.

There are those who say that the Republicans ought to have passed the measure and let the Senate reject it - as they would have, since the Democrats are pimping for a tax raise on people making about half that. These folks say that this would have exposed the Democrats as people who only want to confiscate more wealth and give it away.

We, on the other hand, see things differently.  While we agree that this would have exposed the Democrat tendency to keep robbing and re-distributing, all other concerns be damned; what is needed is SPENDING CUTS.  The present membership of the Democrat Party will never ever agree to any cuts in spending, unless these cuts undermine the ability of this nation to defend itself. What they offer in return for "compromise" is a promise to look at cuts in the next Congress. Since one Congress cannot bind another, these "promises" are WORTHLESS LIES.
Moreover, Barack Obama has said that even though he knows that reduced tax rates spur economic growth and thus increase revenue, he PRIMARILY values what he calls "fairness".  So the Democrat claim that they seek a "balanced approach of cuts and increased revenue" is a load of bullcrap.  What the Democrats seek to do is to take from a prospectve employer and give to indolent slackers, thus sparing them the trouble of having to produce something in order to obtain the means of a living; and thereby ensure the votes of said slackers.
Their votes are necessary so that Democrat "leaders" like Obama can get on a tax-funded jet and go to Hawaii for a nice sumptuous vacation while the rest of the nation worries about yet another crippling recession.
This is the Democrat plan: The donkey pulls the sleigh right to the edge of the cliff, then they unhitch the donkey and put a hungry elephant in the traces. Then, they wave a peanut in front of the elephant and throw the peanut off the cliff. When the elephant goes for the peanut, THEN they blame the Republicans for the disaster.
Looks like we're in for some rough sledding.

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