Thursday, December 20, 2012


Mr. Obama and his bunch WILL NOT SETTLE FOR ANYTHING EXCEPT EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT which is a blank check and a soak-the-rich tax policy to pay for all the new spending. They have yet to even propose, let alone agree to, any cuts in spending.
They want the extra money NOW and claim they will propose spending cuts "later". But someday never comes regarding reducing spending.
The Democrats claim they need to balance these off-in-Neverland "cuts" with immediate increases in revenue. But higher tax rates - even for "the rich" (and 250 Gs for a family of four isn't "rich, but that's how Obama defines it) have the net effect of REDUCING revenue and stunting economic growth, which is a great producer of revenue.
This is an established FACT, but when confronted with it, Obama said he is more concerned with "fairness" than with increasing revenue. Yet all he does is yammer about "revenue".
The financial "cliff" looms, with major cuts in defense spending which will inflict great pain on Northern Virginia, where I live. But by God, if Obama and these Democrat weasels want to play this game, then call their bluff.
Since 40 cents out of every dollar of spending is debt, tell the Democrats NO FUCKING DEAL until THEY present a list of MEANINGFUL spending cuts that will at least balance the budget. Let them play the "Washington Monument game". The Washington Monument is ALREADY closed, so screw them.
I would remind you Republicans that the Republicans retained their majority in the House as a bulwark against just these kind of tax and spend shennanigans. The Democrat strategy is to have you act as if you were "Democrat Lite", thus pissing off your "base" and - they hope - leading to the ouster of enough of you in 2014 to give the Democrats the kind of complete control they had from January 20 2009 to January 3 2011.
As this post was being written, news has come that the House vote on what amounts to a Republican capitulation has fallen apart because of a lack of Republican votes.
Way to go, guys, HOLD THAT LINE!!  

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