Sunday, December 30, 2012


Today we learned whilst perusing the Washington Post that there is a pack of utter morons operating in the DelMarVa area who call themselves "Mischief".   According to the Post, "Mischief" is a bunch of yuppie yokels who drive high-powered luxury cars - which they have "tweaked" the computer systems of to deliver much more horsepower than the cars were originally designed to deliver - and who then go and raise hell on the highways.
These dimbulbs think it's funny to force another totally innocent driver off the road and videotape it. The assholes even have a "YouTube" channel, where they offer short clips of their exploits and offer more extreme stuff for sale. The YouTube video that leads off on their site features a kid of about 17 taking hairpin tuns at an alarming rate of speed until his car leaves the road and hits a pile of rocks. Fortunately, air bags and safety restraints do their jobs and the kid and his pals emerge from the BMW laughing.
The other vids, which among other things show "Mischief" members driving up a very long driveway on private property and then taking it back down at blinding speed, show the main membership of "Mischief" to be a conglomeration of 20-and-30-something white schlubs who work office jobs when they are not out terrorizing the roadways.
Well, as it turns out "Mischief" was finally busted when they decided to pull their shit in rural Virginia. They ran a pickup truck off the road, and unfortunately for them that pickup was being driven by an off-duty cop. A number of them are facing charges of reckless driving (duh) and charges of racing and felony speeding to elude are being contemplated. 
"Mischief" is headed up by some shithead in Charles County in (where else?) Maryland, the national capital of stupid drivers.
Perhaps there are some of our readers who doubt that the stories we publish on the New Year of our selection of "Idiot of the Year" are true. They are. The only reason any of these assholes are not making the cut is that I haven't had a "Mischief" bozo brag about his (or her, they do have female members and they are just as stupid as the men) exploits to me in the course of my work as a taxicab driver.  But I do plan to give these jerks and their leader a "dishonorable mention".  Because they are the epitome of what "Idiot of the Year" is all about. People who damn well know better doing idiotic things, and not only NOT thinking it stupid and/or wrong but actually taking pride in their idiocy. 
Since I have not personally met any of them and heard them brag in my taxi, so far they don't qualify.  BUT there is a day and a few hours left in 2012; so who knows?

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