Thursday, December 13, 2012


The Chicago-style Democrat machine currently dominating national politics has proudly stated that their strategy consists of targeting "low-information voters".  These are voters who for whatever reason are too busy to keep up with what's going on and who are concerned with surviving in this effed-up economy, or who don't bother to read the newspapers and/or who get their information from the likes of comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert; or who are just plain idiots.
We cannot blame people who are harried and trying to swim against the tide for not seeking out news sources other than the lame-stream media. And in the effort to keep these benighted souls ignorant, the Left has developed a network of "watchdogs" to ensure that no story that departs from what is called "the narrative" sees the light of day.  "Media Matters", an outfit run by a guy named David Brock - who was a conservative until he realized that gay guys who are conservative have big problems getting laid - and others create "spin" if the lamestream media goes even slightly off script.
Remember all the talk about "code words" and "dog whistles"? "Low information voter" is a code word for "ignoramus".
And so, during the debate over Obamacare, Nancy Pelosi led a column of Black Congressmen through a route lined with TEA partiers. The idea was to catch someone - anyone - along the route shouting a racial slur. There were Leftist operatives all along the way, hidden cameras at the ready, waiting for "proof" that opposition to Obamacare was "racist". 
When it didn't happen, they simply claimed that it did. And the lamestream media, corrupt to the core, cooperated.
Yet (and this is just the most recent example) when UAW thugs stormed a tent full of "right-to-work" advocates and destroyed the vending equipment of a Black hot-dog vendor, calling him a "nigger" and a "sellout" and such, NOT ONE WORD OF THIS WAS REPORTED IN THE POPULAR MEDIA. Unless you read Britebart or listen to Rush, Hannity, Levin et al it is likely that this is the first you ever heard of this crap.
Chris Plante, local D.C. area talk show host (and former CNN reporter - he covered the 9-11 attack on the Pentagon) said it best: The greatest power of the media is the power TO IGNORE.
In other words, to keep the level of information low so as to keep the ignoramuses ignorant.
So when Sarah Palin says (rhetorically) that conservatives need to "regroup and reload", that is portrayed as a call to actual armed conflict.  But let a bunch of union thugs - in a bid to quash dissent - trash an innocent hot-dog vendor and call him a "nigger", and it just gets swept right under the rug. 
Tune in to Limbaugh. Go to the Breitbart site. There you will find videos and testimony which will expose the truth to you. Do you like being called a "low-information voter"?  What the Left means by that term is "ignorant motherfucker". 
Don't be an ignorant motherfucker. Check out Britebart, listen to Limbaugh, OPEN YOUR EYES AND GET THE TRUTH and the truth shall set ye free.

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