Thursday, December 27, 2012


In case any of you three guys who read this rag don't know it, the Senate and the President are BY LAW required to present a budget to the House of Representatives to vote on EVERY YEAR.  Since Obama took the Oath of Office, this has NOT HAPPENED.

That's right, folks. These United States have been running on a series of "continuing resolutions" (and ad hoc spending increases) since Obama took office. 
Now, this just suits the Democrat Party fine, since they don't want to present a laundry list of goof-ass loony projects to spend money on and have to justify how all that stuff fits in with what the government is already saddled with paying for. They don't want to have to argue over everything they want to do at one time. Instead, they want to propose new spending piecemeal and keep on charging to that "Credit card issued by the Bank of China" that Obama said - back in 2008 - that it was "immoral" and "unpatriotic" to charge stuff on.  (By his own definition, that makes him a treasonous libertine.)
This increase in spending, unconstrained by such a silly notion as a "budget"; compounded by the thrice raising of the "debt ceiling" (and now Treasury Secratary "TurboTax Tim" Geithner wants to raise it again and Obama has even tried to demand Congress cede him authority to raise it at his whim) and the watering down of the currency by printing trillions more dollars (camouflaged by the scholarly-sounding weasel phrase "quantatative easement") is what has brought us to the edge of the so-called "financial cliff".
Wisely, the majority of the House of Representaatives - the Republicans - realize that their Districts did not put them there to cave to Obama and put a lid on these shenannigans. They were put there to STOP them. (Unfortunately these folks do not include my Congressman, James P. "Bugs" Moran; who is a Jew-hating, child abusing, wife-beating old drunk whose son Patrick "Baby Bugs" recently was caught on camera offering advice on how to stuff ballot boxes and more recently was arrested in D.C. for trying to help his girlfriend recycle her face in a garbage can.)
There's still some time. If Dingy Harry Reid and his Dems could get together a budget and get it to the House, the House just might be able to vote amendments and cuts and get it back to the Senate. Going four years on shooting the moon as the occasion arises is what got us to the edge. It is damn time we got back on budget. The Republicans need to stand firm. NO DEAL WITHOUT A BUDGET AND SERIOUS, MEANINGFUL CUTS! 

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