Monday, December 3, 2012


I have been consulting the Book of Revelation, and although I have yet to come up with solid, conclusive evidence that Mr. Obama is the first "beast" in the Book, there are some alarming things there.

John saw a beast rise from the Sea, having seven heads and ten horns, with crowns on the horns. 

Up until a few years ago, there were five known and recognized nations possessing nuclear weapons: America, the Soviet Union (Russia), Britain, China, and France. Then Pakistan and India conducted successful tests. That makes seven.

Horns, however, are weapons. And there are two more nations rumored but not absolutely confirmed to have nukes - Israel and North Korea (yes, I know that North Korea is widely regarded to have sucessfully tested a device, but that evidence is somewhat suspect) - and a third on the very cusp of developing these weapons, by which we refer of course to Iran.  These three plus the seven known nuclear powers make ten horns.
Could it be that the crowns on the horns represent the power conferred by possessing nuclear weapons?
John said that one of the heads seemed to have a fatal wound that was healed. Much of the Bible is symbolic and allegorical. Might it be that the "fatal wound" suffered by the first Beast refers to the abysmal record of Mr. Obama during his first term? No other holder of the office of the American Presidency has ever been re-elected with such a shabby record.  His presidency had been apparrently been "fatally wounded" and yet he lives, politically speaking.
Now as to issues about the "666" business, that applies to a second Beast, which comes after the first one and acts in concert with him.
So it's probably useless trying to connect Obama with "666".
But, thus far, Obama seems to be a perfect fit for the first Beast of Revelation. About him, John says:
"...and they worshipped after the beast, saying, "Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him?""
And here, 2000 plus years hence, a hall echoes with the words: "OUR LORD AND SAVIOR BARACK OBAMA!"
My analysis?
People, get ready. We are getting very near to the end. God will be victorious. Seek Jesus as your Lord and Savior and reject the Beast, whoever he is. My fellow Christians, have no fear. Jehovah Girah! 

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