Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The most powerful branch of the federal government is the Congress of the United States, and the most powerful body of that branch is the House of Representatives. The Senate has its filbuster, sure. But no matter what gets past them and no matter what anyone wants done, to do it they need money.  And money can only be gotten with the permission of the House. 
The Senate can't write a tax bill and send it to the House for approval. Tax bills have to ORIGINATE in the House (and Obamacare "originated" in the house as a tax bill that had nothing to do with health care; and the Senate just stripped out everything under the bill number and wrote a tax bill on their own and sent it back to the House; and we are amazed that not one lawyer has challenged this piece of trickery).
Any actual spending must be authorized by the House. More importantly, the House has first say on whether or not these United States take on any more debt. And they can de-fund anything.
Well, Mr. Obama is turning out to be the very model of a modern Kleptocrat wannabe. As part of the "compromise" to avert the "fiscal cliff", he wants Congress to allow HIM to decide when to borrow more money to finance his looney schemes. He's basically telling Congress to hand over its weapons.  We'll give him this: he has big brass ones.
Some of his lackeys have been floating a whacked-out interpretation of the debt validity portion of the Constitution to try and create a loophole allowing him to bypass the Congress - and for that matter, the Constitution if he figures he could spend a few trillion wisely. (Aren't these the same people bitching about "tax loopholes" and "gun show loopholes" all the time? Yes, they are!)
Obama wants complete control of the money. It is against the Constitution, and this is a dangerous situation. The House should let the nation go over "the cliff" before it agrees to this naked usurpation of Constitutionally reserved authority. 

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