Friday, June 21, 2013


In my last post I made reference to the supposed concerns of the ASPs (American Statist Progressives - truly a nest of vipers) concerning "diversity". But by "diversity" they mean such diversity as will serve to advance their agenda.
In every other area about which they voice concern, there are also ulterior motives. Let's talk about this "diversity" crapola first.
By "Diverse", the ASPs mean "Heterosexual white Christians in the minority".  They certainly do NOT mean "diversity of opinion". ASPs are some of the most astrigently doctrinaire, dogmatic people to walk the earth; and if you disagree with them one little bit, then by their lights you are a no-good son of a bitch.  The ASPs would gladly gas every heterosexual white Christian male if they could; and then the planet would be sufficiently "diverse" for their liking.
ASPs are fond of saying that Christians display an "arrogant certitude" that their beliefs are absolute, irrefutable truths; and they say that such certitude is a bad thing. What they don't say is that they think this is a bad thing because they believe that it is their beliefs that are the ultimate irrefutable truth. And while Christians are tolerant of them (pains in the ass though they are); the ASPs are some of the most intolerant people on the planet should anyone question one jot or tittle of their manifesto.
ASPs claim to be "pro-choice".  But are they "pro-choice" when it comes to parents choosing where and how to educate their kids? Certainly not! By their lights, everyone's kids should be required to attend the Leftist indoctrination camps that they have turned the public schools into over the last half-century.
So are the ASPs "pro-choice" as to the personal decision as to whether to possess a firearm? Hell no. Disarming those who might resist has always been a priority of wannabe tyrants.
No, the only thing the ASPs are "pro-choice" on is the choice of a woman to have an abortion. (The choice of a woman NOT to have an abortion, not so much). 
ASPs lead the charge against "Big Tobacco", "Big Oil" and "Big Pharma(ceutical)".  In these matters they claim their motivation is protecting public health, protecting the environment, and making life-saving medications "affordable". 
But the ASPs' real motive in opposing these entities is that they make a lot of money. ASPs don't really give a damn if you get lung cancer and croak. They want to ruin the tobacco industry, except that they don't bitch about Cuban cigars (which aren't really all that great anymore, because Communism fucks up everything it touches) or Venezuelan oil, because it finances a Marxist government.
The ASP mantra - famously expressed by Current Resident of the White House Barack Hussein Obama to Joe the Plumber - is to "spread the wealth around".  Their goal is "equality". Equality not of opportunity, but of outcomes. This cannot be accomplished by "spreading the wealth" but rather the true agenda of the ASPs is to make everyone (except them, of course) equally miserable. As my late Uncle Tom was fond of saying, to hell with that noise.

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