Wednesday, June 26, 2013


No, I am not talking about today's Supreme Court pronouncements concerning so-called "gay marriage". It's gonna be awhile before I know enough about the nuances of the SCOTUS ruling, including the full texts of the concurrences and dissents, to be qualified to comment.

No, folks; the entity I am referring to is my own self as a "shameless self-promoter", and I do plead guilty. I have gained so many new readers to this blog that I deem it worthwhile to inform you new readers of my novels, on sale on Kindle e-books for a measly buck ninety-nine ($1.99) U.S..
I know that many of you are angered because of my pronouncements about "gay marriage" and think I am a gay-bashing bastard. But my novel "The Peterson Investigation" has as a major theme the parochial attitudes toward homosexuality in the Dayton, Ohio area circa 1995.  Read that, and I assure you you will come away understanding much better where I am coming from.
My other novel, "Georgetown in Plainclothes", is a sketch of the culture and counterculture in 1977 in the Washington Metropolitan era. I am proud to say that I have met three police officers who have read the novel and who have been impressed enough to ask for my autograph. 
All that needs be done to access both novels is to go to Amazon and enter my name - F. Allen Norman, Jr. - in the search box. I tried to post a direct link, but so far I have not been able to. 
Besides which, haven't I done enough work writing these works?

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