Sunday, June 23, 2013


Having reviewed what information we could find concerning the firing of Georgia Southern cook Paula Deen from the Food Network for her admission under Oath in a Court of Law that she has in the distant past used the word "nigger" in reference to members of the black (or negro) race, The Alexandria Daily Poop now offers the following observations:

Ms. Deen did nothing in her use of the word in question that nearly every person of her generation has not done, and was arguably a great deal less malevolent in her application of the term than a good many others of her generation.

There have been statements made that Deen was planning a Southern-style "plantation" style feast and planned to hire members of the black race to portray slaves.  This has been presented as an "aggravating factor".  But this sort of thing has been occurring every day for decades in a very well known continuing re-enactment of 18th century life in Virginia called "Colonial Williamsburg"; and we fail to see how a professional cook and expert on those times, being very well known and being an advocate of the accurate transmission of history; is in any way more "racist" than the entitie(s) who run "Colonial Williamsburg".
(A personal aside: Some years ago we stopped into a restaurant on Maryland's Eastern Shore and were appalled when the waiter, a young black male, came up to our table and began a tap-dance - no, we are not making stuff up nor are we trying to be "funny" - and delivered a spiel that began with "Okay, folks, wot'll it be?" and said "mmm-MMM!" when he described the Maryland fried chicken. The WTF factor could have been measured in megatons. One of our table mates made a hasty excuse about having left her purse at the (non-existent) motel we had just (not) checked out of, and we left.)
In addition Deen is a staunch liberal and supporter of Current Resident of the White House Barack Hussein Obama.
It is our considered opinion that Ms. Deen should file a lawsuit for improper and unfair termination of contract against the Food Channel. Once she does that, her attorney should put the very person who made the decision to fire her under oath and then ask him or her if, when, how often, and in what context he or she had ever at any time uttered the word "nigger". 
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