Wednesday, June 19, 2013


When the Current Resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest first ran for the White House, he promised he would make America "respected again".  Yet today the Washington Post announced that presently we are held in disdain by other nations like never before.
And this isn't "Bush's fault" either. The dim view in which these United States are held by allies and foes alike is a direct result of the policies of the bumbling, megalomanaical fool whom the electorate voted into power in 2008 and whom last year and inexplicably re-elected.
No wonder the rest of the world thinks we are idiots. First, we elect an unknown obscure junior Senator to the most powerful office in on the planet. Then, after listening to him blame every failure of his administration on the previous adminitration, we give him another four years to screw things up.
The big issue he was elected on was the economy. Dithering and refusal to cut spending led to a confrontation that turned into a game of "chicken" which led to the current budget sequester. Obama has been caught red-handed deliberately trying to make this round of mandatory budget cuts as painful as possible - in order to blame the pain on the Republicans, of course - AND IN THE MIDDLE OF IT PLANS A VACATION THAT WOULD COST MORE THAN A TENTH OF A BILLION DOLLARS. 
Under the European parliamentary system that Obama seems to prefer over our Constitutional Republic, his government would have been removed about ten seconds after he announced his vacation plans. Marie Antoinette was arrested for less.
I have an idea. At the next TEA party rally, everybody bring a slice of cake, and stand in front of the White House holding up the slices of cake, chanting "Yes We Can Eat Cake!"
Really now. Obama wanted us to elect a shyster like him, and thought that we'd get respect from other nations because we have a bungling moron for a "leader"?
Yes, gentle readers, I realize this post is a bit rambling. But just a bit. I'm not paid to do this, and from time to time I am confronted with a situation where the breif amount of time I have to author a blog post is wholly insufficient. But really, where is all that newfound respect from other nations that this hustler promised us when he was pleading for our votes.
(He most assuredly did NOT get MINE, if indeed any of you had any doubts).

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