Monday, June 24, 2013


The Colorado State Civil Rights Division has just ruled that a male child who "identifies" as a female MUST be permitted to use the girls' restroom (we have mentioned this case earlier, and now the ruling has come down).
The parents of this kid are of a mind that there is nothing wrong with their little boy who thinks he's a girl (or is it their little girl who has a penis?)
The official position of the Alexandria Daily Poop is that persons born with male genitals are MALES. Persons born with female genitals are FEMALES. Persons who think that they are a member of the sex other than the one they possess the genitals of are NUTS.
Parents of pre-pubesceent boys who insist that their son, who they say "identifies" as a girl and who call him "her" and their "daughter" and who insist that society conform to their rank denial that something is quite possibly very wrong with their son, are at a minimum self-centered lazy souls who want to avoid dealing with the fact that there's a problem with their son.
Now this is only our personal opinion, but we believe that these two parents are using their confused little boy to break into the quite possibly lucrative career field of "professional public spectacle". 
This kid is not even old enough to know what his weenie is there for, except that he can - unlike a girl - "write his name in the snow" with it. This fascination with "girl stuff" might just be nothing more than a fascination with all things female. Hells bells, folks; we were fascinated by cooking when we were very young, and when we wanted a kitchen mixer for our birthday, our father went batshit. But we continued oir interest (and our parents continued to worry) but in the Boy Scouts we were an amazing camp cook, and we were and remain very much all male.
Just one thing here: When this little boy starts to undergo puberty and he begins to realize what that peter of his is for, and decides he wants to get romantically involved with girls, does that make him a lesbian with a dick?
And what would it make him if it turned out that - like a girl - his romantic and sexual tastes ran to boys, but he liked to be the "insertive partner"?  "Transgendered" seems a bit insufficient to describe a girl who likes to fuck boys in the ass with her dick.
Well, we don't know what others might say about this situation, but here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, we call it a train wreck. Any sane person who has read what we have written here knows that we are spot-on right. This kid belongs in a foster home, and his parents belong in a lunatic asylum, along with the officials who ruled on the matter.
If a train goes off the rails, you don't remedy the situation by calling it a tractor-trailer.  If your son thinks he's a girl, well...
Good grief. Words are insufficient in a conversation that should not be necessary. 

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