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WE HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM IN THESE UNITED STATES RIGHT NOW and its name is Barack Hussein Obama. This absolutely worst occupant of the highest office of the Executive Branch is now more and more each day being revealed as several kinds of dangerous, incompetent, and even borderline treasonous. There is a good possibility that he has been and continues to be engaged in criminal behaviour.
Here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, we bark up that tree constantly. However, we have also been thinking about how it might be possible to set things right again. It occurs to us that without the votes of 18, 19, and 20 year olds Obama may not have made it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest in the first place; let alone get re-elected after deliberately engineering one disaster after the other in his first term.
Now, I know I have a lot of youngish readers out there; and I know you guys are probably corked at the idea that I am advocating disenfranchising you until you turn 21. But I have thought this through, so read on.
I was part of the generation who cast our first votes for President in 1972. The "youth vote" was especially powerful back then - we 18-20s nearly outnumbered our parents' generation - and there was a war on in Vietnam. The Left pushed for the enfranchisement of those who could be drafted and required to serve, hoping that they would provide a wave of victory that would propel the apalling George McGovern into the White House.
But a funny thing happened. The under-21s turned out to be just too much like adults. This was because in most places in the country, these people (yours truly included) could and did begin to participate in adult society rather than hanging with our younger siblings and staying jejune and simple. This was possible because at age 18, one could legally partake of that marvelous adult social lubricant alcohol. Suddenly one could go where little brother and little sis were not allowed, and could get to schmooze with more experienced adults and see firsthand what happened to adults who acted like idiots.
This was almost everywhere tempered by the fact that those 18 or over but under 21 were limited to beverages of lower octane than "fully fledged" older adults could consume. Typically this meant beer and unfortified wine or (as was the case in my home state of Ohio) "Three-two" beer having not more than 3.2 percent alcohol. (You can get a buzz off of 3.2, but you'll be so waterlogged that you'll have to take a whiz so often it'll be hard to get into serious trouble. Nonetheless, some guys managed.)
The overall effect was that those 18 through 20 were allowed and welcomed into adult society, and largely left the clueless world of childhood to explore it. Thus socialized and made to feel like adults, they did responsible things like voting for Nixon and rejecting McGovern.
(While it's true that the youth vote went to Carter over Ford, there was huge national disgust over Ford's ineptitude and his pre-emptory pardon of Nixon. In 1980 the youth vote helped propel Ronald Wilson Reagan to the Presidency - and again in 1984).
However there was a rising drumbeat being raised by what the left calls "useful idiots".  An organization called "Mothers Against Drunk Driving"; founded by a woman who had lost her daughter to an alcohol-related accident, began to shout for stricter penalties for drunk driving. Leftist elements saw an opportunity to reduce persons who were legally adults and eligible to vote to the social status of high school juniors.  The National Minimum Drinking Age Act - which blackmailed states into raising the drinking age to "21 for everyone" by threatening a loss of highway funds - was pushed through by the likes of the disgusting and thankfully late Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) and signed into law by President Reagan on June 17, 1984.
Still it took 24 years before the effects of a young adult crowd being socialized into adult society were fully blunted to the extent that two generations of 18-20 year olds had gone through the first years of their adulthood being forced to play parcheesi in the rec room with little brother and little sis instead of hanging with and learning from more experienced fellow adults. By that time, under-21 adults had become sullen and disaffected. Worse, once they were able to get their hands on booze legally they drank to excess and behaved horribly.
It was at this point that they were just ignorant enough to vote for Obama. Cometh the hour, cometh the dunbass. Obama is the dumbass, and in the land of the ignorant the dumbass is king.
So all you 18-20s out there, I want you to know that the Statist left is doing to you right out front what it is trying to do to the rest of us: make us into child-like dependents whom they control and who are dependent on the government for everything.
To deal with this situation, I propose the following amendment to the Constitution of the United States:
"The 26th Amendment to this Constitution is hereby repealed until 24 years shall have passed since the date of ratification of this article.  No person under the age of 21 shall be permitted to vote in any election for Congressional representative, Senator, or for the Presidency of the United States; except that members of the Armed Forces of the United States or any person honorably discharged from such forces; regardless of age; shall not be denied the right to vote in such elections unless otherwise prohibited for reasons other than age by the laws of such State as the person resides in.
The National Minimum Drinking Age Act is hereby repealed and declared null and void. No state shall prohibit any person being 18 or more years of age the possession, storage, and consumption of any alcoholic beverage having an alcoholic content of three and two-tenths alcohol by volume or less.
And no currently serving member of the United States Armed Forces may be prohibited by any State to purchase, possess, or consume any alcoholic beverage unless such service member's commanding officer shall in the interests of military good order, efficiency, expediency or for other good reason prohibit such purchase, posession, or consumption.
No person regardless of age who has been discharged under Honorable conditions from the Armed Forces of the United States shall be debarred from the possession, storage or use of any alcoholic beverage provided that such possession, storage, and use does not otherwise run contrary to to laws of the state wherein the possession, storage and use of alcohol by ordinary adults is controlled.
Pass this Amendment, and within 24 years we can once again trust our youngest voters to pay attention and make the right choices.

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