Wednesday, June 12, 2013


You might think you have it bad. But if you don't live in Virginia, then at least you don't have "Meathead" Tim Kaine for a United States Senator. (And here in Alexandria we have the wife-beating Jew-hating old Boston Irish drunk James P. "Bugs" Moran as our Representative into the bargain).
Yesterday Meathead contributed to the Senate debate on the immigration reform bill by reading his entire speech on the Senate floor in Spanish. Since I didn't hear him say "estoy un pendejo muy grande" I suppose it was the usual pack of lies.
He was supposed to be debating the merits of the bill with his fellow Senators, most of whom pretty much heard: "Floppa del Ignacio como taco tico carramba duka nooka glasadio nario nada solamente cafe leche caliente del frio"  I mean, what next? Is he going to debate a bill about NASA in fucking Klingon?
Kaine and these damn Democrats are trying to get as many illegals to register and vote as possible. Why else is he speaking Spanish to address an English-speaking body? Speaking English is a requirement of citizenship, and citizenship is a requirement for voting (unless you can find a Democrat party operative to register you and show you how to vote) so exactly what constituency was he addressing??
If you believe you ought to be able to understand what your Senator (or representative or other elected official) is saying on your behalf, then on Election Day; for English, press the button to vote for the Republican.
Cripes, my head hurts.

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