Tuesday, June 11, 2013


We are aware that many of our readers are looking up this blog to learn what we have to say about the young man who revealed the details of the NSA phone and internet monitoring programs.
Right now there is too much information spewing out of the various media outlets for us to even comment. It does seem to us a bit odd that the young man who spilled the beans fled to the Red Chinese province of Hong Kong because Hong Kong has "traditionally been a bastion of free speech". 
HONG KONG??  Go to Hong Kong and try calling Xi Whatzizname a filthy cocksucker. Say hello to a dungeon and goodbye to daylight, and sit there in the dark wondering if anybody knows where you are. This Snowden kid is at a minimum a dumbass of the first water.
Nonetheless, we are not at all sure we are comfortable with the scope of the government communications surveillance project Snowden has purported to expose. Once we find out exactly what is going on; or at least when we have a better idea we will comment.
We do live in interesting times. no? 

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