Friday, September 28, 2012


This isn't a satire, although I wish it were. You see, as I have stated before I check the ads Google is running on this blog. The other day I saw one for the Chevy Volt that, especially after I had checked out the fine print, was very disturbing.
Chevrolet is of course part of "Government Motors" ( still owned 51% by the Federal Government and STILL, despite an attempt via financial shell game to say otherwise, in debt to the bailout program). As a de facto Obama fiefdom they have been tasked with finageling an "all electric drive" car onto the market. 
Note how dishonest this is. The car is said to have a "range of 400 miles"; but that is with its gasoline-powered generator. True, the wheels are driven by electricity only, but the batteries are only good for 40 miles, after which a gasoline engine runs a generator to supply the batteries. But generator driven or direct driven, it still takes (x) amount of gasoline to drive a car (y) miles down the road.
In other words, if you have a 60 mile commute every day, and gasoline supplies the last 20 miles; then your HONEST miles per gallon is calculated by the gas you use in those last 20 miles. So statements like: "I drive 300 miles to work and back every week and I only use four gallons of gas in my Volt" SOUND like you're getting over 72 miles per gallon. Baloney. You're getting about 25 MPG. I haven't seen any way to calculate electricity into the equivalent of gallons of gasoline, but since as I said it takes (x) energy in whatever form to move a car (y) miles, I've a feeling that when your electric bill comes you may be in for a real surprise.
For now, that surprise might not be so nasty. A recent letter to the Washington Post was from a Volt owner who crowed about how he was recieving subsidized electricity from the power company, which made driving electrically very economical, indeed. This is not surprising, as it has been the tactic of dope dealers for ages. Get them hooked, then start charging full price. 
The result? Well, if I don't have enough money for gasoline then I cannot drive until I get some.  But if that Volt owner winds up not being able to pay his fuel bill, that means he will not be able to pay his electric bill. And that means his power gets cut off.  And that means that not only does the Volt owner not drive, it also means he freezes in the dark while his food spoils.
Remember back during the 2008 campaign when Obama said that under his plan the price of electricity would "necessarily skyrocket"?  And now here he is, the de facto head of Government Motors, trying like mad to convince you to rely on an electric car. Why?
Commies like Obama hate freedom. Nothing gives you the freedom to go where you damn please when you damn please like a car powered by reasonably cheap fuel.  Keeping large groups of people herded together makes them easy to control. "Concentration camps" aren't called that for nothing, folks.
Which (finally) brings us to the subject of that ad, which showed an odometer registering the total miles travelled by Volt drivers. It was moving rapidly, and I scanned the ad to see where the data was coming from. 
It was coming from the "OnStar" devices installed on every Volt sold. You people out there may not even know that you are being tracked by OnStar and your movements are being reported back to Government Motors. I bet that those electricity subsidies you are getting are pegged in the fine print of your sales contract to your permission for GM to monitor your miles driven and to use the data in marketing and other purposes.
He who would give up essential liberty for a little free electricity deserves neither liberty nor electricity. Only a dolt would buy a Volt.

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