Wednesday, September 26, 2012


W ell, folks, we knew it would come to this. The Democrat media and polling organizations have come up with some patently ridiculous poll results in the "battleground states" of Ohio, Virginia and Pennsylvania.
Last week Romney is pulling ahead - ON THE ECONOMY, especially, and now we are to believe that he's way behind this week? On the basis of what stellar accomplishment of Obama's is this poll justified??
These polling organizations, especially those connected with partisan media outlets such as the Washington Post, the New York Times, MSLSD, etc; hide their stacking, loading, and misrepresentation of the data they collect via complicated formulae and protocols. 
One of many such protocols is the projection of "likely voter" turnout. These results were arrived at in large part by predicting the Democrat turnout to be LARGER than it was in 2008.  Fat freaking chance. If the results are postulated on the much more likely 2010 model, OBAMA GETS HIS ASS HANDED TO HIM.
These manipulated polls cannot just be made up, that much is true. They need actual numbers from actual surveys. So they overload the samples with Democrat voters and then analyze them using an uber-overoptimistic model based on a greater Democrat turnout than took place in 2008. 
It really doesn't take a genius to recoognize the fact that, in the face of the fact that nothing has happened since the last set of polls to make anything better; and add to that the fact that Obama is fiddling on Letterman and The View while the Moslem Crescent burns; and any idiot can see that these "polls" have been manipulated and skewed by Obama's media syncophants.
And to what end? They seek to dispirit Romney voters and keep them away from the polls. They are trying to do to YOU, Patriot, what Tokyo Rose and Axis Sally and Lord Haw-Haw were trying to do to the fighting spirit of our soldiers and our allies in another big fight against fascists. 
Unfortunately for them, an institution exists that I call "Internet Free America". There exists the "New Media". There exists Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Breitbart, right down to this little blog. Don't buy this risible crap the "polls" purport to show. Obama has done nothing but stumble from one pathetic screwup to another in this last polling cycle (when he hasn't been partying with Beyonce or running his mouth on "The View"). 
Don't let this phony baloney keep you from the polls. No matter what, GET OUT ON ELECTION DAY AND VOTE LIKE HELL!!

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