Tuesday, September 4, 2012


LET'S BE PERFECTLY FRANK, FOLKS. THE DEMOCRAT PARTY IS RUN LOCK STOCK AND BARREL BY WHITE POLITICIANS. Yes, we are aware that "president" Obama is - allegedly - partially of African heritage. Big deal. He is a nincompoop who was selected early on by white Democrats who had been looking for and finally found - in the words of white racist idiot and Vice President "Joe" Biden - "The first African-American candidate who is articulate and clean..." Obama has these characteristics and more. He was hand picked by the white Democrat party leadership because he was well-dressed, well-barbered, well-spoken; and had just enough cream in his family coffee to be "not too black" for the majority white middle-class.
Racist Democrat Senate Majority Leader (for now, but that will be changing) Harry Reid (D-Nevada) wrote in his book "Game Change" that Obama was picked because he "...had no Negro dialect unless he wanted it..."
So here we have the two most prominent men in the Democrat Party saying right out loud that Obama was picked because he could do what used to be called "pass for white" but which is now being called being articulate, bright and clean with no "negro dialect".
What about Nancy Pelosi?
Yeah, what about the "San Francisco Treat"?
Well, to start off with, Nancy Pelosi is not even a native Californian. She was born and raised the daughter of former Baltimore Mayor Joe D'Alessandro; and she grew up in Baltimore's "Little Italy" district. 
Now, I've been to Baltimore's famous Little Italy. Funny thing about the place is how fast African-Americans move through it, as if they are in a big hurry. Another funny thing is how it's the safest neighborhood in the City of Baltimore, at least if you live there or are a white person coming in to spend some money in the restaurants, delis, and shops. But let a black person come sauntering down the street without a destination such as employment in one of the restaurants, and a silent but palpable hostility will home in on him like a laser beam as activity stops and people stare as he passes. I have personally seen a black dude come ambling into one end of Little Italy and go running out the other.
That's where Nancy Pelosi grew up, among Italian-Americans whose slur for African-Americans was "Mulanyom". "Mulanyom" means "Eggplant"; and among Italians it is just as scathng a racial insult as "nigger" is in English. Pelosi doesn't care a fig for black folks. But her father and his Italian cronies were wise enough to see that the black vote could be useful in holding on to power. So Nancy was carefully taught various political recipes using mulanyom. 
Consider, too, the members of the "Congressional Black Caucus".  The ranks of the CBC include some of the most cartoonish stereotypes of black folks that ever set foot in the public spotlight. These members are exclusively Democrat AND "progressive"; and any black Congressman who doesn't toe the CBC line is deemed to be an "Uncle Tom" and shunned. Damned near every one of them was elected to office with the help of white Democrat dollars and with votes from districts gerrymandered by white Democrat politicians.
Make no mistake. Pelosi and Reid and the people who finance them are not about to let African-Americans take over the party. It was a gamble putting Obama up for the presidency. The white Democrat leadership knew that if they put a black person who was an actual leader in the White House, he might come up with some back-sass that would endanger their carefully cultivated image of power. They found what they needed in a very skillful deliverer of ghetto votes to the Chicago Democrat political machine. I guarantee you, he was not sent on his way from the Illinois State Senate to the White House via the United States Senate before the white racist hard-left statists who control the Democrat party had ascertained that they had the controls necessary to rein him in should he imagine he was actually the most powerful individual on the planet.
Let's look at one prominent member of the Congressional Black Caucus, Representative Maxine Waters (D-California) from Oakland. She's absolutely nuts. And the rank and file of the CBC is not anything to write home about either. One gentleman (I forget his name or district) participated in a hearing about plans to locate a strike force of Marines on the island of Guam. This august member of the Congressional Black Caucus expressed his grave reservations about locating so many troops and so much heavy equipment on the island because they might weigh so much that the island would - in the words of the Member - "Tip over, and capsize"
Cripes. And yet this is the sort of person the white leadership of the Democrat party all but installs by fiat wherever they can. The Democrat leadership needs only poltroons who will vote the party line and allow themselves to be led by the nose by Pelosi through mobs of pissed-off citizens in hopes of provoking a racial incident, which will be used to gain political advantage for Pelosi and her ilk (and if no incident happens - as it did not - then they will lie and say it did). In fine, the  white racist Democrat leadership strives to allow only malleable fools to enter the membership of the House from the ranks of the African-American community.
There is no similar black caucus in the Senate because States cannot be gerrymandered for advantage, seeing that the two U.S. Senators are voted for by the entire population of each State. It was a major job for the Illinois Democrat machine to get Obama into the U.S. Senate, where he parked his ass for two years idling in neutral (so as to have no record) before being presented and marketed to us as a viable presidential candidate.
Obama and his lesser Congressional and state and local contempraries exist to follow the marching orders of their white Democrat political overseers and do their bidding. Other than that, their sole utility is to enable the use of the "race card" when Democrat shenannigans are opposed by anyone.
Any African-American politician who espouses the principals of conservatism is labled an "Uncle Tom" and lied about in the - again, white-controlled - Democrat media.
Meanwhile, back in the poor black neighborhoods, for all the Democrats have promised over the last five decades it's the same-o same-o. Enough handouts to ensure dependency and here and there a black congressman or two to let the residents of the ghetto feel like they have a voice.
That's the way the Democrat Party has conducted business since World War II. And it's racist. Cleverly masked, but it's racist nonetheless.

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