Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Folks, I really, really, REALLY don't give a rat's patoot about sports, except insofar as they affect the culture, etc. The importance I attach to sports consists of things like Vince Lombardi's famous advice that "it isn't how many times you get knocked down. It's how many times you get back up". 
I don't keep track of stats, I rarely know when some team is winning. Back in high school I didn't even care if the school team won or lost. I do however watch a few games, because you can't hardly go down to the corner pub without having some game right in your face on the bar TV. I may not care who wins or loses, but I know a good effort when I see one and I understand the rules.
Which is more than I can say for the referees this season, whom I understand are replacements hired to fill in while the pro-level officials are on some kind of strike. I've engaged in much animated conversation about the - words fail me - questionable calls these officials have made.
My position on these officials has been that even if the calls they make are wrong, as long as they are completely impartial both teams suffer equally, so the only harm done is some individual player may lose a designation as MVP for making a play that is negated by a lousy call. On the other hand, that's still unfair.
But overall, I had been thinking, it's a wash, so what? Then I saw the tape of the final play in the late Green Bay vs. Seattle game.
THAT WAS SO NOT A FUCKING TOUCHDOWN!!! THAT PASS WAS SO INTERCEPTED!!!  That call was the worst call ever made, eclipsed only by the call made by the voters in November 2008. Good GRIEF.
So now all you football fans have the official judgement of the Alexandria Daily Poop's Editor-In-Chief. It's the most impartial judgement you can get. The officials who made that call should be locked up for robbery. 
Or, as one coach put it, "Footlocker needs to call those zebras and tell them they're needed at the store." I concur. What a complete boner of a call.

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