Saturday, September 15, 2012


Since I had decided to run as a write-in candidate for the Presidency (as announced previously here) I felt I should eliminate the ads from the blog, to ensure no conflicts with campaign finance laws.  When I announced the end of the campaign, I sought to reinstate the ads, only to find that my new security regimen was hindering the process. Those issues have been resolved, and the ads are now appearing on my media outlets again.
One reason I like the ads is that (as I understand it) Google uses a program that looks for keywords in blog content to determine which ads might fit in. The results are often unintentionally hilarious. 
A while ago I did a post wherein I excoriated the companies who urge people to buy gold from them, since the dollar (according to them) would still be worthless; and I pointed out that even so, these folks were willing to accept the allegedly soon-to-be-worthless American dollar in exchange for allegedly soon-to-be-priceless gold. (New lamps for old, anyone?)
Google's computer program saw the word "gold" as the most frequently mentioned noun in the post, and placed an ad immediately below it advertising gold for sale because the dollar would soon lose all its value. This is like Jack Daniels advertising in the Women's Christian Temperance Union Quarterly.
Of course I make money off those ads, so additionally you guys out there check them out. Hey, find out their addresses, write them, and tell them you saw their ad in the Alexandria Daily Poop. You won't get a discount for it but, in the case of the folks like the gold sellers and the Obama nuts whose ads wind up here, you can imagine their faces when they find out their advertising is winding up on a blog that excoriates them regularly. 
I just wonder if I write, say, "baby baby baby baby baby diaper diaper diaper diaper diaper diaper diaper" if I don't wind up with an ad for Huggies or some such a few days from now? We'll see, won't we?

P.S.: My last post was a critique of the over-dependence of Americans on their cell phones. Right now there's an ad for cell phones hovering at the top of the page.  I'm ALWAYS RIGHT, folks, and I never lie.

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