Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A General Commentary on the Elections Seven Weeks Out

The rapidly approaching 2012 national elections in the United States constitute the most significant event in world history since the Bolshevik Revolution.
Ever since the United States were described as the "arsenal of Democracy" We have been feared by every tyrant both petty and grand on this planet. Believe it. When Japan screwed up and forced us into declaring war on them, the Tripartate Pact required Hitler to declare war on us in retaliation. Hitler realized what war with America would mean, and he tried to get out of it. But even criminals like the Nazis and the 1941 incarnation of the Imperial Japanese Armed Forces have to have some form of honor between theives. Nazi Germany tried every trick they could, but in the end they had to honor their treaty obligations. In so doing they doomed themselves.
We allied ourselves with the Bolsheviks, who by then had become the rulers of what was then and for the next half century known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
Basically this meant that we were helping one group of anti-semetic socialists defend itself from another. Had Adolf Hitler not attacked Russia, the Statist Left in this country - who were fine with Hitler and his "National Socialist" movement - would have organized loud violent protests against "our unjustified attacks" on Uncle Joe's buddy Adolf.
 Much as the Left bitched about Iraq - saying that "the 9-11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, not Iraq" - had Hitler not attacked the Lefties' beloved "Uncle Joe" (Stalin) before Pearl Harbor, there would have been nationwide unrest spurred on by the lefties, asking why - when no German bombs had fallen on Pearl - were we attacking Hitler. National Socialism and Italian Fascism were and are cut from the same filthy God-hating Leftist cloth as are Marxism, Maoism, Leninism, Stalinism and all the other variants of Communism. 
 World War II on the German-Soviet front was less a struggle between good and evil as it was a fight over who would hold the reins and call the shots in the excercize of the perversion of Democracy known as Socialism. The war on Nazi Germany as waged by the Western Allies was a war against a tyranny. The war waged against Nazi Germany by the Soviet Union was a war between gangsters in an argument about who would muscle in and take over. When finally Nazi Germany lay in ruins and defeated, the Soviets moved to take as much as they could as rapidly as they could. 
The history of the "Cold War" is well known, and it ended with the breakup of the Soviet Union. Unfortunately it did not entail an end to the dream of global statist socialism by elements of the Left. 
The world Communist conspiracy has for over half a century known that the United States of America alone is the sole entity blocking their path to world domination. To this end, they have undertaken to undermine America's socio-political underpinnings. They have undertaken a decades-long effort to polarize America along lines of race, wealth, and sex and (most recently) "sexual orientation".  
The basic technique is right out of the Nazi handbook: identify a scapegoat and blame it for everything. Find a minority and demonize it. Today's "minority" is the "One Percent" of the alleged "rich" who screw the "Ninety-Nine Percent" of the "oppressed poor" and laugh at them over champaigne and caviar at the banquets where they conspire to take even more from the benighted souls at the bottom in order to finance their private jet planes. 
Here in America, the Left has for some decades been developing what they hope will turn out to be the ultimate weapon: using accusations of racism to blunt or stall counterattacks on their efforts to change America from a Republic to a "People's Republic".  Sometime around the turn of the millenium they identified the tool they would use to exploit our national feelings of guilt over American slavery.  His name is Barack Hussein Obama. 
We who live in the United States have now experienced over three and one half years of Obama, during two of which he had Democrat majorities in the House and the Senate to back him up. 
What does Obama have to show for this? 
He has rammed "Obamacare" down the throats of a loudly protesting American public.
He has - as opposed to his promise to cut the deficit in half - DOUBLED IT. 
He has spent more money in 21 months than was spent in the entire history of this Republic before he took office.
He has overseen the downgrading of the credit rating of the United States not once but TWICE, the first time from AAA to AA+ and just in the last few days to just plain AA. 
He has authorized the printing of massive amounts of dollars to cover the debts he has run up - thus making the dollar that American labor sweats for worth that much less - and camouflaged it by calling it "Quantatative Easement".  
And when he is pressed for an answer as to why all this is so, and to why the Islamic Crescent is aglow with the fire of burning United States Embassies and as to why our Ambassador to Libya was dragged naked throught the streets and sodomized before being brutally slain, his excuse is George W. Bush and a crappy 15 minuite movie trailer made by a nincompoop and posted on You Tube.
On which of these items would any American base a decision to give Obama another four years? (SANE Americans, that is.)?    

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