Thursday, September 6, 2012


WE ARE AS OF THIS WRITING attempting to get through Vice President Joe "plugs" Biden's acceptance speech. He has just uttered - for the second time in the campaign - what is going to be his "tag line": Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive.  Amid all Joe's blather, this line stands out from the class warfare he is espousing.
YES, bin Laden is dead. Obama didn't pull the trigger, and the information needed to get bin Laden was developed mainly by the CIA commanded by Obama's predecessor. But it happened on Obama's watch and he did give the kill order, so good for him, he can accept credit for that. Just as soon, that is, as he also accepts responsibility for such things as the bond rating of the USA being downgraded also on his watch.
AS FOR GENERAL MOTORS, two American carmakers got the Obama bailout treatment; GM and Chrysler. The third carmaker, Ford Motor Company refused the government help and the interference from the government that such "help" would entail. Ford is looking pretty perky these days.  GM and Chrysler? They are still majority owned by the U.S. government. And the government-designated "car of the future" the all-electric drive Volt has been shelved and production ceased as there wasn't a tax break big enough to get anyone but a leftist loon to buy a car that goes 40 miles between 10-hour + charging times. (We will say that the latest versions of the Chevy Camaro and the Dodge Challenger represent a welcome return to the styling and power of the muscle cars of yore. Just as soon as the government sells the last vestiges of GM stock, we might buy a Camaro. Zoom-zoom? No, baby. VROOM VROOM!) General Motors has NOT EVEN COME CLOSE TO PAYING OFF ITS BAILOUT even though Obama has tried smoke and mirror tricks using stock values and such.
Yes, Bin Laden is dead; and GM is on life support. For all the blather Plugs will be spouting, the dealerships and salespeople his and Obama's management of GM and Chrysler closed down and fired might just have a different opinion of Biden's enthusiasm.
Biden and Obama are a pair of real killers. Tonight they are asking four more years to finish the job of bringing America "FORWARD" right over the edge of the cliff. 

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