Friday, September 21, 2012


Good day, gentle readers. No doubt all three of you have been wondering when I was going to publish my views on the latest goings-on in the Moslem Crescent, what with our embassies burning and our people being abducted, draggged through the streets, and sodomized before being brutally MURDERED while of course Mr. Obama - who no longer even deserves the derisive "president" by which we have referred to him herein for the past few years - goes out playing with David Letterman and Beyonce in between lame apologies to and tut-tuts at the people who are doing the burning and murdering. 
It is our general policy here at the Alexandria Daily Poop to not rush our opinion into print until we have gathered enough newss to have been able to say that we know enough beyond a reasonable doubt to have a valid opinion. Now we have an opinion, but we scarcely know where to begin. Just as Mr. Obama was gearing up his smoke-and-mirrors routine to deflect his inept handling (if not deliberate destruction) of the American economy - including among much else the downgrading of America's global credit rating not once but TWICE, first from AAA to AA+ and now just down to plain old AA - the spectre of national security has raised its head, and Obama's and the Democrats' dangerous and legendary ineptitude in this area is being exposed as the frightening danger to the Republic that indeed it is.
We do know now for a fact that the Benghazi embassy raid and the murder of our Ambassador was NOT a reaction to a schlocky freaking YouTube movie about Mahometanism. It was in fact a planned attack using small arms, rocket grenades and mortars, and the fact that it occurred on the 11th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks of 2001 is more than significant. That this was not a reaction to a movie that has been on YouTube for more than six months is now obvious. But Obama and his bunch attempted right up until it was undeniably a terrorist attack and not a protest gone feral that it was the movie and "disrespect for Islam" that was to blame and not the remnants of AlQaeda feeling their oats because of a weak leader of the free world.
If Obama could do so (we are convinced) he would call a national emergency and censor any communications that could be called "disrespectful" of Islam. Islamist nutbars from all over the world, emboldened by Obama's mealy mouthed and gutless responses to these recent events, have been demanding that we abrogate the First Amendment and punish people who say things that "upset moslems".  Were it I, I would say in a Rose Garden statement:
"Our embassy in Benghazi, Libya was attacked on the eleventh day of this month by forces loosely allied with Al-Qaeda. This is an unlawful act of war and part of the unlawful war which Al-Qaeda has been waging on the United States and our allies ever since the inception of that extremist organization. The United States demands and expects the full cooperation of the government and military of the State of Libya as we seek the perpetrators of these acts. We will send in military and law enforcement units into Libya as we see fit and they will conduct the search for these vermin as they see fit. Any harm befalling any American Citizen in Libya from this day forward will be viewed by this Administration as an act of war against the United States, and may result in a punitive campaign using disproportionate and overwhelming force.'   
'Every American Citizen in Libya for any reason is authorized by this Administration to be armed with a pistol and/or a submachinegun or select-fire assault rifle.'
'Furthermore, any further attempts at storming any United States Embassy in any non-European nation may be viewed as an act of war against the United States depending upon our interpretation of the circumstances. The government of the nation in which such assault may take place will be deemed the responsible party and will be held accountable.'
'We have heard and are tired of hearing various leaders and self-styled leaders of the Islamic faith demand that various American citizens be punished for exercising their rights of free speech under the First Amendment. We are sick and tired of Moslems demanding the death penalty for those who lack what they deem the proper deference to the Islamic faith.  In this nation we tolerate artists who depict Jesus - whom Christians regard as God and Savior - depicted by so-called artists as being a homosexual hedonist or portrayed nailed to a cross and soaking in a jar of urine. No one demands the lives of these "artists"; because the proper being to deal with them is God Himself.'
'The person who insults God is a fool. But the person who decides that he is morally entitled to murder that fool is a criminal. Any person who demands the death of or harm to any person for excercising his or her rights under the protection of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America will be considered to be soliciting murder; and if money is offered as a reward the offense shall rise to soliciting murder for hire; and should a killing then take place the offense shall rise to murder or murder for hire. And the offender shall be liable not only under the laws of the Federal government of the United States but also under the laws of the State or Territory where the object of the threat was living at the time the threat was made. And in the case that the murder actually takes place within a State or Territory of the United States, the charge of murder or murder for hire may be bought in that Territory of State with the concurrence of the Attorney General of the United States.'
'This Administration will not tolerate foreign mobs to dictate to our citizenry the limits on the excersise of their freedoms. Anyone, just by being present physically in the United States, is free to call the most powerful government official any name he or she desires. ANY person - not just American citizens - are when they are within our borders protected from the abrogation of their rights.'
'The policies I have just announced and explained here are meant to protect the rights that are the birthright of every human being on this planet, but are nowhere else on this Earth as closely held, ardently treasured and vigilantly protected.'   

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