Friday, August 2, 2013


If you thought you didn't like the prospect of ObamaCare taking over your life and finances, think about how the idiots who passed it and the schlemiels charged with enforcing it feel.

They suddenly realize in Congress that what they passed will affect them and their staffs just as disastrously as it will you. The IRS also does not like the idea of having to obey the very law they are charged with (trying to, and let them try) cramming ObamaCare down the throats of the rest of us peons.
Fortunately (for them) these entities are headed by some Very Powerful People. And a deal is on the verge of being cut wherein IRS and Treasury people will still be required to register with some "exchange"; but the costs will be borne by the Federal government. That's (nominally) us taxpayers.
Funny how these idiots always pull their crap on a Friday or the eve of a holiday when the attention of most of the public is directed elsewhere.
I know a number of Congressmen and their staffs read this publication.  Well, so do a lot of voters, including voters who don't read Britebart or Tucker Carlson. Hey you voters, look up those two sites, Britebart and The Daily Caller, and read up on this stuff. Then start pestering the hell out of these Representatives and Senators to stand pat and refuse to fund ObamaCare. Don't let them think they can just weasel out of being affected by it and think that you won't notice.
Remember (to paraphrase Smokey the Bear): Only YOU can light a wildfire under a Congress member's ass.

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