Thursday, August 22, 2013


Our Alexandria, VA readers will be happy to know that the Pizza Box bar and grill, which has been a bit warmish of late, has finally been able to replace the groaning old A/C unit which completely plotzed a few weeks ago. So no longer will you need to slather your pits in Ice Blue Secret and put up with a fan blowing your money and lottery tickets all over hell. Your brewski will no longer get prematurely warm and your ice won't melt so fast that it waters down your drink.

Speaking of those drinks, the Box is probably the only place in the West End of Alexandria that doesn't overcharge outrageously for a watered-down Long Island ice tea. The LIITs at the Box are full strength - especially if Pete is tending the bar - and only $7.15.  Compare that with the weak-ass versions most other joints charge ten bucks and change for. 

Also, ask for the LIIT variant invented by Don, the bar's will-work-for-drinks handyman; the "Gilligan's Island".  Try it, you'll like it! (More than one and you'll need a cab home, especially if Pete is making yours).

Ex-pat Daytonians will be delighted to know that your beloved Editor has taught the night cook to make a thin-crust pizza cut "Dayton style" (That's a round, thin crust pizza cut into bite-and-a-half sized squares) and a pretty fair approximation of a Cassano's classic submarine sandwich (order a hoagie made and toasted "Dayton Style", and make sure Belushi the cook knows to leave off the tomatoes).  NOTE: This stuff isn't on the menu and if you order it before about 8 PM the day staff will probably look at you like you're nutso.

So, if you haven't been to the Pizza Box for a while because of the schvitz-from-the-pits factor, everything's cool again. And if you've not been there, stop in and enjoy full-strength non-watered and very reasonably priced mixed drinks, draft and bottled beers and wines, and pretty good food for a bar.  Oh, yeah; and five large screen televisions, and a juke box too. Plus they have full service Virginia Lottery facilities.

What's not to like? Tell Karl the Owner that you read about the place in the Alexandria Daily Poop!

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