Friday, August 23, 2013


Actually I'm not all that surprised by this idiotic move. Wikipedia is absolutely infested with leftists and rainbow-and-unicorn shitheads. But I had been hoping that they would at least be factual enough to acknowledge that Manning is still a human male - I'm rather loathe to consider this punk a man - and has only "requested" in a letter to the "Today" show that he be referred to as "Chelsea" and alluded to with female pronouns. This is not sufficient reason to do so in an objective article about Private Worst Class Manning.
This referring to persons - especially children - who have only expressed in some fashion a desire to be thought of as someone as the opposite sex according to their (alleged) personal perception of themselves is just as spurious as referring to Fredo Corleone as "Doctor Corleone" because he's smart (not like everybody says, like dumb) and he wants respect.
Especially after this loopy dumbass Manning betrayed our country, I really don't give a FUCK what he wants to be called, or what he wants, PERIOD. Wikipedia (and the Washington Post and the New York Times) calling Manning a female when he has not even legally changed his name is absolutely absurd, and an abdication of responsible objective reporting. It is also an abdication and abandonment of any credentials of news journalism any of these entities may have held and a full-scale leap into the waters of advocacy and propaganda.
I tried to post these objections at the "village pump" section of Wikipedia, but the village idiots were hanging around the water cooler posting snarky remarks directed at anyone who took the side I am taking here. (And a new insult has been invented by these idiots. If you don't agree with them on this issue, you are - according to them - "transphobic", whatever the fuck that means.) 
The reason these jerks do this is to drown out the remarks of the folks who hold with the opposing view in a sea of type. Well, that doesn't happen on this blog. Stupid, snarky lefties who post stupid, snarky comments have those comments dispatched into the ozone before they even see the light of day. 
In terms of being a research tool, I have always thought of Wikipedia as being not a treasure map but rather a metal detector. You have to do some digging to make sure what you have is gold and not an old sardine tin or a rusty nail. Case in point, this is.

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