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Gentle readers, we know you have been waiting for our comments on the recent week of commemorations of Dr. Martin Luther King's legendary "March on Washington" and his "Dream" speech. As most of you three know, not only are we on a semi-break, but also we take time to digest what is going on, the better to know what we are talking about. Also in this case we barely knew where to start.
What ought to have been a national memorial carrying a message of unity was instead turned into a Leftist Democrat partisan circle-jerk.  It was absolutely disgraceful. And the black folks in attendance seemed to be completely oblivious to the fact that they were being used by the Democrat party to pursue and promote a partisan agenda.
Some of the tactics were sublime. Providing only one entrance for the general public enabled the State-controlled media to show what looked like hordes of people waiting to get in, when actually there were - according to our estimates, and we're pretty good at judging these things - less than 30,000 people watching what was being presented from the stage.  The fact that there were NO "Jumbotrons" indicates to us that the organizers knew that not that many people would show up. And in aerial views, the crowd starts to thin halfway down the Reflecting Pool and peters out to nothing at the east end of the pool.
A particularly galling tactic was the inviting of several white Republicans to speak at the event. None accepted, wisely knowing that there were most likely trained hecklers in the crowd. And one Republican who was NOT invited was the South Carolina senator who replaced Strom Thurmond. He, however, is black and might have swayed the crowd away from the Democrat point of view. And of course the white Republicans' failure to attend was used to depict them as racists.
And it was absolutely obscene that the "Reverend" Al Sharpton, who participated in the frame-up of a U.S. Attorney on rape charges in the infamous Tawanna Brawley affair; and who makes his living stirring up hatred between blacks and whites, was invited to stand where Dr. King stood and to deliver a racist screed, which he ended by reminding everyone that "Rosa Parks wasn't no ho". 
The white Governor of the State of Maryland stood at the dais and delivered a pandering speech full of the usual Democrat crap. And when Current Resident of the White House Barack Hussein Obama delivered his speech on the anniversary of the day King made his "dream" speech, it was a self serving screed in which he said I, I, I, I to the point where it sounded like a rap version of "Ceilito Lindo".
Martin Luther King would have been appalled at how blacks were depicted as being too stupid and/or lazy to obtain a photo ID in order to vote. This was of course not said in so many words, but it was implied, along with an implied dare to anyone to call this tactic out for being what it is (and we just did).
Of course the anti-Second Amendment agenda got its innings, too; with the corpse of Trayvon Martin being (figuratively) dragged out and compared to Emmit Till.
Leave it to Bill Clinton to come up with a quip that neatly tied the themes of the event up in a nice little bow. He said:
"A great democracy does not make it harder to vote than it is to get an assault weapon". 
(First, America is NOT a "democracy" it is a "representative republic". Second, the definition of "assault weapon" is a rifle or carbine firing an underpowered cartridge and capable of select (full auto or "burst") fire. These can only be obtained with a full background check and the obtaining of a special tax stamp. And third, if by "assault weapon" Clinton - as do most Democrats who use the term - means "firearm"; then even in states which allow "private sales" (between relatives or friends, or the tranfer of firearms as part of an estate); one still has to fork out hundreds or thousands of hard-earned dollars. To vote, one only need obtain a photo ID. So, no, it is NOT easier to get a gun than it is to vote.)
Here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, we are aware that there are many who will accuse us of "ignoring the many positive messages given at the event" or some such thing. But that is rather like telling a drowning man that he shouldn't bitch because he's in no danger of dying of thirst.
This event was to the memory of Dr. King what Miley Cyrus's little presentation on MTV was to the dignity of American womanhood. Which is to say, an obscene slap in the face.
If you are offended, tough. Here at the Alexandria Daily Poop we call it like we see it, and we tell it like it is. 

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