Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Many of our gentle readers probably wonder why we put out this assortment of serious essays, spoofs, satire, meandering random thoughts and small jokes (and large yawns). And at times, so do we.
But in large part this blog is a chronicle and commentary on how much the United States in particular and the world in general is coming more and more each day to resemble a 24-hour nonstop production of the Gran Guignol, the French theater of the grotesque, macabre, and absurd.
The re-election of Barack Hussein Obama to the Office of the President of the United States is inexplicable. It is as if someone hired the Three Stooges to paint the outside of a toolshed and, having seen the havoc they wrought and the slap-dash job they did, then paid them and hired them to paint the inside of the main house.
The Democrat Party keeps telling the Republican Party that if the Republicans don't do things the Democrat way, they will never regain the White House. And the Republicans - or enough of them anyway - FALL FOR THIS CRAP.  An apt metaphor for this is if a burglar told a home owner that his house would never be secure unless he removed all the locks from the doors and took out his alarm system; and the home owner complied with the burglar's suggestions.
Down at the most basic levels of human interaction, we are told that weighing more than is healthy for you is a disaster not just to you but (and much more importantly) "the collective". And so attempts are being made to dictate to you just what and how much to eat, and especially in Mike Bloomberg's personal fiefdom (otherwise known as New York City) large strides have been made toward encoding these restrictions into statutes.
All manner of things have been decreed by wannabe-tyrants to be a threat of some sort, and all manner of intrusive measures have been - with varying degrees of success - implemented to make your life ever more inconvenient and scripted. Meanwhile Bloomberg enjoys his Pate' de foi gras and Al Gore pollutes the planet with his private jet while he flits from town to town to scold the inhabitants about polluting the planet.
You cannot get into an automobile wreck and then buy insurance which will cover the wreck. But Obama's defining "achievement", "ObamaCare" actually MANDATES that an insurance company CANNOT deny you coverage for a disease or condition you have had BEFORE YOU BOUGHT THE POLICY. This is insane.
The entire population of the United States seems to have been lured into a state of mind wherein they all to some degree believe in fairys and magic. They believe that, since the government can print money; then we will always have enough money for anything we want. And isn't it odd that none of these hammerheads asks that; if this is the case; then why is it necessary for ANYONE to pay ANY taxes, ever, seeing as how the Feds can just print up more money? (And if you don't understand what we are talking about here, you are a fucking stupid-ass.)
Only in these United States will you find people so indulgent of deviancy that they will advocate allowing a little boy, having decided he wants to be a girl, to take himself and his dick into the girl's restroom. And this is not limited to children.
We learn from D.C. talk host Chris Plante that a prominent member of the lamestream media named Don something-or-other showed up in the office recently wearing a dress and decreeing that everyone should now call him "Dawn" instead of "Don", since he had decided that he "self-identified" as a female.
We hear of "tolerance" for the "LGBT" community. But the most prominent support group for that outfit is "P-FLAG", short for "Parents and Freinds of Lesbians and Gays".  Tolerance, our ass. They just went and threw the "BT" (Bisexual and Transgendered) of "LGBT" right under the bus.
Right now in New York there is a candidate for Mayor of America's largest city who has a penchant for sending pictures of his wiener to teenage girls, and who continued to do so even after he swore he had stopped it; and he is nuts enough to believe he has a shot at Gracie Mansion (and he has people who publicly support him).
And faced with all this, some minor, piddling-fiddling indiscretion  from years ago, commited by some national celebrity, is enough to capture the attention of the entire nation. The citizenry cannot be bothered to be outraged about any of the above things we have written about here, but when a Southern cook and internationally respected authority on Southern culture and cuisine admits under oath that she - being white - uttered the word "nigger" years ago; the entire country goes completely crazy and forgets everything else while she is given a good drubbing.  
This blog is a commentary, a warning, and a call to action. And, it is a way to occasionally get in a laugh or two lest, as Jimmy Buffet has famously sung, we otherwise all go insane. We would challenge all our readers to read this entire blog from the first post to this one to see how it has evolved and is evolving. Then you will know why we continue to put out The Alexandria Daily Poop.

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