Monday, July 29, 2013


We have mentioned Adam Kokesh before in these pages. Kokesh is yet another "professional public spectacle" for whom apparently the only bad publicity is no publicity. Up until a few days after Independence Day, he was perhaps best known for trying to rally one million people to march across Memorial Bridge from Virginia to Washington, D.C. with loaded rifles on July 4th. He was promptly informed by the Metropolitan Police and the United States Park Police that this would not be countenanced. We don't know if it was because Kokesh couldn't find one million people who were both as nutty as he is AND owners of functioning rifles; or if Kokesh himself just (wisely) chickened out. In any event, the "protest" was cancelled.
But Kokesh was not out of tricks. He made and posted online a video of himself loading a pump-action riot gun in Freedom Plaza on Pennsylvania Avenue. This got the attention of the Park Police, MPDC, and no doubt the Secret Service (Freedom Plaza is within a stone's throw of the White House).
Kokesh's house was searched and authorities came up with a baggie full of psylocybin mushrooms. He was promptly arrested and faces drug and firearms charges in Virginia and the District of Columbia.
What a dope.
Therefore, we have written a little ditty in his "honor":
(sung to the tune of "Yankee Doodle")
Copyright 2013 by F. Allen Norman, Jr.
Adam Kokesh went downtown,
loaded up his shot-gun,
Made a YouTube video and thought it was a hot one.
Adam Kokesh, you're a dope,
now you sit in jail,
Mind that you don't drop the soap
(we hear you can't get bail!)
The cops then raided Adam's crib
They turned it upside down,
They found his shotgun and his drugs;
Now Adam wears a frown
Now he sits in D.C. Jail,
Adam sho' is crazy
If makin' folks think he's nuts is work,
then Adam sho' ain't lazy!
Adam Kokesh, you're a dope,
now you sit in jail,
Mind that you don't drop the soap!
(We hear you can't get bail)
What can we say? Sheesh.

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