Saturday, August 10, 2013


We suppose that the Current Resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest thinks that just because we aren't writing daily this month then it's safe for him to start up with a bunch of bald-faced lies. His "press conference" yesterday afternoon was full of them.
We had been trying to get some sleep (having driven the hack for a whopping 24 hours straight, and thanks Obama for the lousy economy that makes it necessary to do that to earn the pittance we make) when we awoke to hear the Current Resident speaking on the TV. 
It was mostly blather, pap and evasion as he dealt with questions about the Snowden affair and the Benghazi, IRS, and NSA scandals. Then someone asked Obama about the possibility that the Republicans might stand firm and refuse to finance ObamaCare. At that, he went into full campaign mode and started vomiting up talking points. 
Chief among these points was the lie that the Republicans "Have an agenda to deny health care to 30 million people" and that the Republicans "want to deny health care to 30 million people" and furthermore that the Republicans are willing to shut down the government "so they can deny health care to 30 million people". 
Of course NOBODY is trying to "deny healthcare" to ANYBODY. What the Republicans will do - if they have the guts, and they better - is to deny OBAMA the means to completely ruin the economy. Because if the hook of ObamaCare is allowed to be set, say goodbye to 40 hours a week with weekends and holidays free; and say hello to working 3 jobs at 20 hours a week each, with NO benefits and NO weekends free and NO paid vacation, since employers are going to seek ways around the ruinous requirements ObamaCare demands of people who employ more than a set number of people at more than a set number of hours. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
And say hello to walking around all day with some Infernal Revenuer's finger up your ass. That's right, the agency adinistering ObamaCare will not be the Department of Health and Human Services, it will be the IRS; which is the closet thing this country has to the Gestapo. This is because ObamaCare is at root NOT a "healthcare bill" IT IS A TAX. Obama and his henchmen still swear it is not, but the Supreme Court says it is; and if it isn't then why are the Infernal Revenuers going to "manage" it?? 
This is ObamaCare: Two goons show up at your house, with guns and blackjacks hanging out of their pockets, and say: "If youse wants t' stay healthy, youse better buy dis. Or, just give the money to us, see?"

This is why the Democrats are so desperate. Obama was not so much answering a question as he was telling the Republicans exactly how the Democrats will paint them if they refuse to pass any budget that funds ObamaCare. The message will be that it's not the kindly Democrats who are shutting down the government by insisting on funding a measure that the vast majority of Americans would like to stick up the Democrat's asses, but that the fault lies with the mean old Republicans who want to deny 30 million people basic health care.

If the Republicans stand firm, the Democrats will have to yield. But they have to make the Democrats OWN the shut-down, if it occurs. Call, write, and e-mail your Representative, your Senators, and the Republican leadership in both houses and tell them not to fold, that you don't and won't believe the sleazy Democrat lies, and that you want this economy-wrecking jobs-destroying piece of crap legislation defunded and then dismantled when the Republicans once again control both houses of Congress. And tell them if they don't defund and dismantle, then they won't be employed much past November 2014.

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