Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Despite the efforts of Current Resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest Barack Hussein Obama and his henchmen to make the "sequester" as painful as possible, it has inconvenienced no one except for a handful of civil servants; of which there are too damn many to begin with (and of which there are many who seem to have forgotten the "servant" part of their job description and think THEY are in charge of YOU and not the other way around).
Particularly disappointing to the ASPs (American Statist Progressives) is the fact that Virginia, with its Defense industry-intensive economy has barely felt a hiccup of "pain" from the sequester. The Commonwealth has fairly sailed through the sequester and in fact the Commonwealth has posted a net surplus this year. So the lamestream news media have begun a campaign trying to convince everyone in Virginia that the disatrous effects of the sequester are beginning to hit Northern Virginia hard - finally.
This is a load of baloney, processed through the lower tract of the Leftist media spin meisters and dumped out as crap. What is happening right now has nothing to do with the sequester. What is happening right now is called "August", and it happens every year. What is raising trouble with the economy in the D.C. metro area is that Congress has left town, and taken the fifty dollar haircuts riding on two bit heads (otherwise known as lobbyists and lawyers) with it. This happens every year without fail, and things get better almost immediately right after Labor Day. 
Now marinate some beef cubes in garlic, soya sauce, white wine, pepper, what-have-you; and soak some wooden skewers for about an hour; and fire up a hibachi and make mini kabobs. Serve 'em up with some home-made sangria (red wine, citrus juice, sugar, and brandy) and have a nice picnic-tabletop cookout.  All hell is going to break loose next month, and I for one am eagerly anticipating the money I will make taking government types and lobbyists to Capitol Hill and the airports and train stations as they resume the important business of trying to fuck up the Republic (or trying to stop the idiots from fucking it up. Both sides pay in green money, so ces't si bon, as they say.)

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