Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Well slap my ass and call me Sally. Yesterday at the Alexandria DMV there was a rally of folks opposed to a new tax that took effect yesterday, and a Democrat state legislator attended to denounce the tax and support the protestors.  This was rather shocking, since the Democrat Party is usually just wild about taxing people.
Or maybe not so shocking. The tax is a $100 per year levy on the owners of electric and "hybrid" vehicles.  Plus, I'm given to understand that this levy is a Republican idea (that is shocking, and I am a bit disappointed); so naturally the Democrats want to pile all the blame on the Republicans in the Assembly.
The ASPs (American Statist Progressives) of the Democrat Party just adore electrics and hybrids. It's hard to figure out why when these cars, which are supposed to help ease the pollution of the planet, actually pollute quite a bit more during their manufacture and in their ultimate disposal (those batteries do wear out). 
The reason this tax was imposed was due to the fact that the drivers of these vehicles use the road like everyone else, but pay far less in fuel taxes at the pump.  And the price of these cars is heavily subsidized at some or another level, with the "all electric drive" Volt giving buyers a point-of-sale subsidy of thousands of dolllars to buy a car with a 40-mile range.
But. the owners of electrics and hybrids don't like this tax. The Democrat solution: Say they don't like it either and blame it on the Republicans (and never mind that the Virginia Senate is controlled by Democrats who didn't stop it).
This is the way the ASPs roll: When conservatives push through a measure that is unpopular, blame the Republicans. BUT when an unpopular measure is pushed through by the Democrat Party, THEN blame the REPUBLICANS for letting it get past them.
I for one wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that the Democrats purposely let this measure pass so that they could have a bunch of disgruntled car owners to pander to. Remember that this is the same crowd that keeps saying they will fund this or that by "eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse";(which is why they let waste. fraud and abuse exist - so they can promise to pay for some idiotic project by curbing it) and then in the end raise taxes on everyone anyway. 
To a lot of my readers, this will be "news". It's not, though.
It's just the same ol' same-o.

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