Sunday, July 28, 2013


The Current Resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest has spent the past few days making speeches in which he bemoaned what he calls "phony scandals" which are "distracting" Washington from his saintly goals of taking everything away from the people who work and giving it to the people who don't; and creating as large a pool of dependent non-workers as he can.
Obama's bemoaning of "phony scandals" is the truth. However, he cannot be talking about Benghazigate, because that IS a scandal and it is NOT going away (but it has been somewhat dormant).
He also cannot be talking about IRS-gate, the scandal that only becomes more scandalous every day, and the Obama team's efforts to cover it up and sweep it under the rug are failing spectacularly.
So, he must be talking about the Democrat attempt to hang a bunch of phony, trumped up scandals aimed at tarring Virginia Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli by hanging suspicion over the head of current Virginia Governor Rob McDonnell.
Leave it to the ASPs* in the Democrat Party to focus like a laser on completely legal activity and call it suspicious, while at the same time completely ignoring the Supreme Law of the Land - the Constitution - and doing what they damn well please. McDonnell took a couple of loans and some gifts from some rich guy he happens to be friends with. That is really all there is to it, but to hear the Democrats howl one would think he had gotten the money by murdering his friend's mother-in-law.
In a typical Democrat filthy trick, last night the local NBC (No Believable Content) affiliate ran a story on this phony scandal with a picture of McDonnell in the background. Above McDonnell's head was the seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The intent, of course, was to imply that a criminal investigation of McDonnell was underway. That is an excoriable LIE. NO FBI involvement in the McDonnell "affair" has been announced to date.
The intent of the Democrat party and their toadies in the media is not to force McDonnell to resign (although they will be very happy if that is a side effect of this smear campaign). The main target is Ken Cuccinelli. The Democrat Party would love to install the appalling Terry McAuliffe in Richmond, where he no doubt would be happy to encourage and sign (for starters) any and all anti-second amendment bills to come his way and to exercise all of his Executive power to make life hard for law-abiding firearms owners any way he could.  
THAT is the reason for this phony Democrat scandal in Virginia, to allow the Democrat Party to install a satrap in the Commonwealth. We can only hope our fellow Virginians will see this game of dirty pool for exactly what it is.
"Phony scandals"? Why, yes, we would say so.
*ASP= "American Statist Progressive(s)"

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