Saturday, July 6, 2013


Hello. gentle readers. We promised to say what we thought of this business with former NSA subcontractor employee Edward Snowden as soon as we knew enough about what is going on to think anything about the affair at all. Here are our conclusions:
Edward Snowden is a fruitcake of the first water. What idiot hired a high school dropout to handle this nation's most sensitive secrets? And even if he IS the fucking genius that allegedly made him such a hot property, did ANYBODY in the hiring process think to subject him to a multi-phasic personality exam?? And if so, what MPPE was used? Our suggestion is to find another test to administer, because the one used obviously failed, and catastrophically so.
Snowden is living in a fantasy world wherin he - the dweeb who couldn't make it through high school - becomes The Saviour of the World and everyone acknowledges that his superior intelligence makes him real fucking valuable and he winds up getting more pussy than Wilt Chamberlain and more money than Donald Trump.
Damned near every country he might flee to recognizes him as a fat-mouthed moron who will blab their secrets to the world if he can. Snowden  just cannot be trusted with even what he might learn while going through the asylum process in whatever nation consents to take him in.
Putin offered Snowden asylum in Russia if only he would SHUT THE FUCK UP. Snowden refused that condition.
Well, Edward Snowden seems to us to be trying for a stab at the new American career field of "Professional Public Specctacle".  What he - being a DUMBASS - did not (and from all accounts still does not) understand is that the only place on the planet that crapola flies is here in the USA; which he betrayed as part of his effort to become a PPS.
Had Snowden gone through standard reporting channels, he might have garnered a bit of respect from us. We will be the first to say that what he exposed about NSA monitoring practices raises certain Constitutional issues. But Snowden's subsequent behavior has more "look at me" to it than it does an urging to look at what our government is up to. 
At last report he is still stuck at the Moscow airport. What may well be happening and what may well be far beyond his ken is that Vladimir Putin is a former top officer of the Soviet secret police. He wants to be rid of this dangerous and - more importantly - inconvenient fool. If Snowden does not leave Russia while he is still occupying his rib cage, he may well depart before his body does. We would bet dollars to donuts that right now the Russian State Security organization is attempting to find a plausible way of offing this Americanski Fruitcakeski and repatriating his cold, dead corpse to America.
Snowden is such a freaking fool that he does not realize the danger he's in. Our advice to him is to request the American embassy take him in and repatriate him to stand trial. Otherwise and even if he is taken in by one of Putin's pals, he will be dead before Labor Day. What an idiot.

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