Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Why is it that particularly some persons of African-American heritage see "racism" as the reason for every little thing that irks them?
A guy honks at him to alert him the light has changed, the guy is racist and threatening him. Somebody dawdles in front of him at the next light, it's one of those racists trying to inconvenience him because he's black.
And on and on, the white guy at the McDonalds shorted him a french fry out of racism. Some racist took the parking spot closest to the door.
We thought we were imagining things, but then we found out about a black man in Missouri who managed to find "racism" in some lousy wilted asparagus.
The asshole in question is named David Olander. He is a "Human Relations Commissioner" in University City, Missouri. Olander was shopping at the (this is all fact, we are not making anything up here) "Schmuck's" supermarket in University City when he spotted a display of asparagus which had not been set in water and had become partially dried out and wilted.
Rather than simply going to the store manager and asking if there was any fresh asparagus and pointing out the conditon of the display, Olander saw the dark dire demon of "racism" lurking in the dessicated stalks. Unsatisfied with the manager's explanation and offer to supply fresh vegetables, Olander went to a supermarket five miles away and was outraged to see the asparagus there sitting in water and fresh as could be. Well, by God he decided that here was evidence that racism is absolutely rampant in University City.
Because the store with the wilted asparagus was in a "predominantly black area" while the store with the fresh asparagus was in a "white" area.
Good freaking grief. And yes, Olander made a major case about it, and his actions triggered meetings between the upper management and the managers of individual stores, and subsequently between store managers and staff. All because some minor neglect of the produce section was enough to trigger this ludicrous claim of race prejudice.
This is absolutely ri-god-damn-fuckingDICULOUS. Olander is a "Human Relatiions" commissioner who is trying to fan the flames of racism - whether he thinks so or not.  We are rather inclined to speculate that the motives of Olander (and others of his ilk) are that if for instance "human relations" improve, he may wind up out of a job. So, like the fireman who sets fires so he can be a hero putting them out, Olander might just be trying to gin up as much evidence as possible that his job is indispensible. Or maybe he's just an asshole. (More like a hemmorhoid, come to think about it.)
Oh well. Let's all just give thanks it wasn't the watermelon display he was bitching about. (We bet Phil Hendrie will do a bit about just that within the next two weeks. Maybe he could use "Mavis" as the complainer. If you don't know about Phil, google him. His show is a riot.)
Racist ASPARAGUS?? Cripes.

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