Monday, July 15, 2013


The verdict in the Zimmerman trial came in late Saturday night. There haven't been any disturbances around Alexandria...yet. But there have been incidents in other parts of the country.
The voices coming onto the conservative talk shows mostly belong to people who object to the verdict and who in many cases get on the show by pretending to agree with the host that the acquittal of Zimmerman was the correct call by the jury. They then proceed to mouth so many variations of absolute (and mostly irrelavent) bullshit that I have neither the time nor the inclination to repeat them all.
But a pattern is emerging of "seminar callers" making their main point the fact that Zimmerman "got out of that truck with a gun".  Well, yes he did, but he neither drew nor used it until he was pinned to the ground by a young thug and getting the crap punded out of his head.
The race hustlers are trying to make big hay out of this, of course. Al Sharpton said that this acquittal means that now there's a law that "allows a white adult to confront and gun down a black teenager who has committed no crime" (Hey, Sharpton. Martin didn't get shot until he pinned Zimmerman down and began beating on him and wouldn't stop. That's a crime, you idiot).
The rank idiocy of these people is frightening. Far too many of them said that Zimmerman "didn't prove he didn't do it".  (A defendant doesn't have to prove a damn thing. That's a linchpin of the protections afforded criminal defendants, who are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. But never mind, these people have their agenda).
I hate to even write about this, and I am sick of heaaring about it. NOTHING matters in this case, not whether or not Zimmerman got out of his truck, not what the police dispatcher told him, none of it except who threw the first punch.
One last observation: many callers said Martin was (this is ridiculous) frightened by Zimmerman's following him and punched Zimmerman in "self-defense against being stalked".  These same people say Zimmerman should have called the police (he did!).  Okay, so why didn't Martin call the police? If he was so damned scared, why did he call his girlfriend?
This is the end of the entire matter as far as the ADP is concerned: The jury returned a unanimous verdict of "not guilty". Six women, and they all agreed; and they came to the verdict fairly quickly. Period.
Case closed.

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