Friday, July 19, 2013


After saying in his re-election campaign that Mitt Romney and the Republicans would simply "let Detroit go bankrupt"; yesterday Obama ... simply let Detroit go bankrupt.

It is the biggest municipal bankruptcy in history, and the second to take place under the watch of the Current Resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Barack Hussein Obama. The first municipal bankruptcy Obama presided over was that of Jefferson County, Alabama. That one was for a cool 4 billion dollars, and occurred in 2011; two years into Obama's first lease on 1600 Penn. What a leader! Because it has taken him a few months less than two years to wind up presiding over an even bigger muni bankruptcy. Detroit is short a whopping 19 BILLION DOLLARS. That, folks, is almost FIVE TIMES AS LARGE AS HIS FIRST BANKRUPT LOCAL GOVERNMENT. 
Some guy told us that Obama "is outdoing Clinton".  Boy, we'll say he is! Clinton presided over the bankruptcy of Orange County, California; which was at the time the holder for the world all-time municipal bustout but has been bested (or worsted) TWICE by ol' donkey-ears. And Orange County was only for a measly 1.8 billion. Detroit is TEN TIMES the disaster.
This is the city that Obama said would fall to ruin under Mitt Romney.  Well, he was wrong. Because Detroit just went completely to hell under him, instead.  And interestingly enough, it started going to hell around 1967, under the watch of yet another maven of the Democrat Party, Lyndon Baines Johnson.
This is one turd Obama won't be able to polish. Articles of Impeachment, House Republicans? Get started now so that on January 2nd 2015 you'll be ready to go. Seriously, you guys. Get busy. The country may not survive another 3 1/2 years of Obama's "leadership".

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