Friday, July 26, 2013


We should have known we would be writing again on the subject of the trial of George Zimmerman in the - it has been established by verdict of a jury - justifiable homicide of teenage thug Trayvon Martin. However, an incident has arisen that rises above all of the predictable and banal stupidity that swirls around this verdict and takes its place among some of the most spectacularly idiotic and dangerous things to be said about that verdict to date.
When I was in sixth grade, I had a teacher named Mrs. Hubler. She ridiculed the idea of a woman ever becoming President of the United States because, as she mockingly put it:
"Can you imagine a woman president negotiating with (Soviet) Premier Brezhnev? 'Oh, boo-hoo-hoo, Premier Brezhnev, you're so mean!' Women are just too emotional to be President." (Actual quote from Mrs. Hubler, Wayne Township Public Schools, circa 1965).
Comes now Juror B-29 (known as "Mandy") from the jury room of the Zimmerman murder trial, and this woman has me wondering if maybe Mrs. Hubler was right.
"Mandy" came forward and gave an interview to ABC, in which she said that "in (her) heart" she believed that Zimmerman was guilty of murder but that she was constrained by the fact that the evidence showed that Zimmerman did not violate Florida law. She then declared that Zimmerman "got away with murder". Then she said that the rest of the jury browbeat her into rendering a "not guilty" verdict.
Her statements were all over the place and it sounds to us like she is full of crap. In our opinion, she's trying at a minimum to call atttention to herself and at a maximum to cash in on her participation in this ado.  Well, if "Mandy" wants some ink, she should get herself a tattoo.
Predictably, "Mandy"'s pronouncements have sparked an "AH HAH!" reaction among the followers of scumbags Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. A guest on one of Sharpton's programs excoriated "Mandy" saying that if she had a feeling in her heart, she should have gone with that and not the evidence. This is an extremely dangerous attitude. Justice is not the satisfaction of gut feelings and emotion. Justice is law, evidence, and process.
Here's what we here at the Alexandria DailyPoop think should be done: Put all these female jurors in a wading pool full of Jello, let them have a cat-fight, put it on pay-per-view, and use the proceeds to help retire the national debt. Why not? Nearly everyone involved even peripherially with this matter has been to some degree trying to make hay from it, and things are getting more and more ridiculous. Why not just cut to the chase?

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