Friday, June 29, 2012


As it has been observed, the silver lining in the cloud of Justice Roberts' convoluted ruling upholding the "individual mandate" was that the ruling opinion explicitly ruled OUT using the Interstate Commerce Clause as an excuse to do anything the Congress and the President wish to fob off on the People.

And there is a temporary fix to the larger problem available to the People, namely to vote the rest of the morons responsible for this abomination OUT this November, including "president" Obama; thus finishing the job begun in 2010.

But the reason this ruling was possible at all is due to the wording of the 16th Amendment, which states in part:

"The Congress shall have pwer to lay and collect taxes on incomes,..."

That's right. Taxes, PLURAL.

If there had only been ONE tax authorized, then Congress would not have been able, at least not lawfully (and this Congress seems to be not to very concerned with what is lawful) to pass the dog's breakfast of taxes on the bread of labor, which our Chief Justice has just declared the individual mandate to be a legitimate part of.

Here's the only way to keep this trickery from recurring: Amend the 16th amendment, like this:

"The sixteenth amendment to this Constitution is hereby amended thus:

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect a tax on incomes from whatever source derived, and any such tax will be an equal percentage of every income so taxed...."

And add this:

"Within one calendar year of the ratification of this Amendment, the Congress shall formulate the percentage rate of such tax so as to compensate for the multiple taxes now in effect, and should this not be accomplished by that time any other tax on said incomes shall be Null and Void."

VOILA! Problem solved.

Don't hold your breath.

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