Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NBC STANDS FOR "No Believable Content" PART II

FIRST, it was Tina Fay dressing up as Sarah Palin and saying that she "could see Russia from my house" and leading everyone to believe that Sarah Palin had uttered that erroneous statement EVEN THOUGH PALIN NEVER SAID ANY SUCH THING. This was undertaken on Saturday Night Live.

NEXT, a few months ago NBC News doctored the 911 tape featuring the now unfortunately famous George Zimmerman talking to the police dispatcher. A whole side of the conversation was edited out to make Zimmerman seem to be a racist.

MOST RECENTLY (as of this writing) NBC TRIED TO MAKE MITT ROMNEY LOOK "OUT OF TOUCH" Here's what went down:

Romney was at a campaign stop in Pennsylvania when he said he would point out the difference between the public and private sectors. First he told the story of an optometrist who had to change his billing/remittance address so as to recieve payments for the Medicare/Medicaid patients he took care of. The form he recieved was THIRTY PAGES LONG and required the assistance of government representatives and three tries before the paperwork was done sufficiently to the satisfaction of some viper's nest of beuraucratic leeches so that someone could type and replace a file card and change an address in the computerized system.

In contrast, Romney offered his experience of the efficiency of the private sector (and we have ordered food a WaWa this way ourselves):

Romney related how he went to the WaWa (or "Wawa's, as he put it) and punched his order into the computer, went to the cashier, and had his sandwich the second he paid. "Amazing!" he said, sarcastically.

The inference was clear. Had he been ordering a sandwich from the government, just imagine the song-and-dance he would have to go through for something as complicated as a hoagie. Probably there would need to be competitive bidding for the meat, USDA certification of the ingredients, and a vote on whether to require the bread be baked in a minority-owned shop. By the time that sandwich had arrived, Mitt would have been being attended by a clergyman as he lay dying of starvation .

But when NBC got hold of the video, they edited it to omit the setup about the poor optometrist and his quest for an address change and portrayed Mitt Romney as a clueless buffoon who was flummoxed by decade-old technology, the way George HW Bush allegedly was concerning a supermarket scanner back in 1988 (and by the way, that one was edited, also. The difference is that THIS TIME Fox news and Britebart were there with their cameras, as were countless other private folks with cameras to document the truth).

This is the reason we publish this little obscure three-reader blog. Here at the ADP, you get the straight poop.

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