Thursday, June 21, 2012


We have to give the Democrats and the lamebrains who follow them credit. They do try. The latest lame-o attempt to put every failure of "president" Obama on the doorstep of George W. Bush is to say that Bush started this gun-running program.

As usual, the Demonrat propaganda machine has carefully put forth a grain of truth to try and anchor their dunghill of lies. BATFE did, under President Bush, have a program called "Wide Reciever" in which "straw purchasers" known to have ties to drug cartels were allowed to make their buys. THE DIFFERENCE IS THAT THESE FIREARMS WERE CLOSELY MONITORED AND THE PERSONS INVOLVED WERE ARRESTED BEFORE THE WEAPONS CROSSED THE BORDER. And when a few guns were lost track of, the program was ended.

In "Operation Fast and Furious" however, THE WEAPONS WERE ALLOWED TO GO STRAIGHT TO MEXICO. Not only this, but under Bush and "Wide Reciever" the Mexican government was notified as to what was up. Obama's ATF did NOT bother to notify the Mexican government that they were allowing weapons to be smuggled into Mexico.

You can bet that if "Fast and Furious" was a continuation of Bush's program, Obama would have been absolutely delighted to release the documents requested by the House Oversight Committee. Instead, they are stonewalling to a degree that they need to get a membership in a mason's guild.

Here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, we have finally divined why Obama resisted producing his birth certificate so strenuously, only to show it finally last year.  Everyone was starting to ask what he had to hide, and after all that hoo-ha, the answer turned out to be "nothing". So we were left to wonder why he had allowed such a silly distraction to plague him.


Obama's ploy with the birth certificate was to create a big deal out of his reluctance to show a document, then demonstrate that all the ado had been about nothing. Now he is refusing to show the documents regarding "Fast and Furious"; and he is counting on everyone (or at least enough folks) shrugging and thinking that this is a contremps just like the birth certificate business, that Obama would never try to pull a fast one, that people are getting too nosy for purely political reasons.

We can tell you this: it isn't going to work. This is Nixon's tapes handled with Carter's incompetence. The House Oversight Committee is determined to get to the bottom of this.

And they will.

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