Wednesday, June 6, 2012


And they have given a resounding "FUCK YOU!' to the thuggish and corrupt tactics of the Democrat party. The Democrat legislators who fled the state rather than do their jobs, the Democrat mobs who trashed the State Capitol, the union thugs who were bused in to intimidate voters, all of it failed miserably yesterday.

Even the "dead man voting" tactic, a routine Democrat ruse (Madison had a 109% voter turnout!) was not enough to negate the will of the people of Wisconsin.

Predictably, the Democrats and their shills in the media are suddenly yawning about the impact of this failed recall; even though one could easily tell over the last few weeks that they were gleefully anticipating crowing about how what they were sure would be Walker's ouster would show that people are rejecting conservatism.

Instead the Democrats got their asses handed to them, so now the "spin" is that it was due to "outside money" (as if there wasn't a sshort ton of Democrat "outside money" involved on their side). Some of the more unbalanced commentators have trotted out the lame old crap about "the Koch brothers", and individual internet commentators have even started the predictable conspiracy/Rothschild/Trilateral Commission/Bilderberg lunacy.

A bit of undoubtably selective "exit polling" showed that "most voters" planned to vote for Obama in November.

Yeah, right. Dream on, Demonrats. Dream on.

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