Monday, July 2, 2012


We are aware that many of our three readers get into arguments with liberal, progressive statist lefties. Well, you have probably noted their infuriating  techniques for turning a debate into something else entirely.  The "Progressive" tactics when engaging a Patriot in an argument are (aptly) called 'SIN".  The three elements to this "technique" are:

S: SWITCH the subject and attack.  Say you're talking about the constitutionality of Obamacare and/or the paucity of the Roberts opinion on it, or are arguing that the Democrat Party can no longer hide behind calling the largest tax increase in history as a "penalty" or a "fee".  You can depend on it that at some point your opponent will say something like: "Oh yeah? Well what about this woman in Kansas who can't afford medicine for her sick kid? I guess you want that kid to die, don't you, you cold cruel monster??"

Were you talking about individual needs? No. You were talking about what is lawful. When the libtard couldn't overcome your facts, he simply switched the subject to some poor woman in a bad spot and attacked YOU.  In other instances they will switch the subject to something only marginally related and attack some aspect of that.

Another variation of this lame trick is to re-frame a question they cannot answer or do not want to answer, and give the answer to that question.  Example: "Well, the REAL question is..." followed by the answer to the question they want to answer.

We were once involved in a discussion with a liberal Poli-Sci major about what motivates voters. I told the lib that when voters were going to the polls in November (this was the 1988 election) they would mainly be thinking about their wallets. Mr. Poli-Sci Genius couldn't counter this, so he kept trying to say. "Well, what they should be thinking...."; when the discussion was not about what voters should be thinking but what they would be thinking. Which brings us to the second element of liberal SIN:

I: IGNORE THE FACTS. Try engaging a liberal in a debate about the FACT that Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried. In one ear and out the other. Ditto with pointing out the fact that murder rates (and crime rates generally) fall whenever gun restrictions on law-abiding citizens are brought into compliance with the Second Amendment. The lib will just prattle on about Great Britain and rave about horrible stories ffrom the emergency room, etc.

N: NAMECALL when all else fails. "Racist" is a handy epithet for the lib.  Earlier this year, some liberal skank showed up at one of Mitt Romney's gatherings and started yelling over and over: "Mitt RomNEEE you're a RACE-isst!" until she was led out. Other favorites include the "Republicans want everybody to die to save money on healthcare" bullcrap voiced on the House floor by Alan Grayson (formerly D-Florida until he was voted out in 2010).

The Alexandria Daily Poop is pleased to provide you with this brief exemplar of Democrat liberal ploys. These days we mostly leave talking to these idiots to the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Chris Plante (who is local to the National Capital area and who ought to be nationally syndicated) and other people who are paid to put up with these types.

However, if you must engage a libtard, knowing these basic libtard techniques is a must.

Oh, yes, and do notice how similar these tactics are to the arguments of children on a playground. As it has been said, WE are the grownups. Remind them of that.

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